Gabrielle Union drops bombshell, revealing she's related to famous female rapper

Gabrielle Union reveals that she is related to a famous female rapper after she posted an Instagram photo praising Kehlani, which surprised her followers. 

In her post, the actress reveals that she and rapper Saweetie are actually related, and fans were surprised to know about this just now. The "Being Mary Jane" star casually dropped the whole family trivia while sharing why Kehlani was her "#WomanCrushWednesday" that week, saying that the "Distraction" star just recently collaborated with her cousin. 

"She is truly a light in dark times. Please let us all lift her and her family up in the light of goodness and hold her there."

After seeing the comment, fans then asked Union about how the two of them were related on her Twitter account, requesting for more details on their family connection. Of course, being the polite woman that she is, she revealed that she and her rapper's father are first cousins. Gabrielle also revealed that her iconic character on "Deliver Us From Eva" is based on Saweetie's grandmother. 

Fans went off after finding out about their relation, saying that their "whole bloodline" is fine and that their family is "lit." However, people seemed to have misunderstood how they were related exactly, as she clarified that she and Saweetie's father are first cousins, while people assumed that it was Gabrielle and Saweetie who were cousins themselves. 

This family news comes after Union welcomed the latest addition to her family with Dwyane Wade. The couple welcomed their first child via surrogacy, and the two of them couldn't be happier. Dwyane and Gabrielle recently let go of all their fears about this new journey in their lives and letting faith play a big part in the way they live their lives.

To immortalize the faith that they're holding on to, Wade got a tattoo with their daughter's name, and the rest is history. 

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