December 10, 2018

91-year-old woman with dementia secretly got married to scammer and left family with no inheritance

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Joan Blass, who had dementia, was 91 years old when she married a man named Colman Folan, 23 years her junior. Joan’s children ended up disinherited and with a huge legal bill.

Due to the diagnose, the elderly lady could barely recall her name, which was one of the reasons why her children, Michael and Daphne, couldn’t believe that she had been married to Colman.

Soon before her passing – March 2016 – Joan was diagnosed with cancer. Colman, her live-in carer, secretly married her, what made him the legal recipient of her inheritance money after the ceremony annulled her will.


Daphne revealed that her mother never stopped wearing the wedding ring that her late husband of five decades, Ron, who died in 2008, gave her.

Apart from that, Daphne is sure that Joan didn’t realize that she remarried and that she wouldn’t be pleased to know that her children didn’t get anything from her will.


Joan’s children took things to court over the right to organize the funeral arrangements as the man wanted to take full control of it. However, the judges sided with Colman after a four-day hearing.

Even though Daphne and Michael got almost $220,000 – the half-share of Joan’s house – they had to pay Colman about $250,000 in legal bills after the trial, so they were left in red numbers.


The worst aspect of the whole situation is that Joan was buried in an unmarked grave in a town she had no connection with. Neither her children nor relatives were invited to the funeral.

Nowadays, Daphne is campaigning for a change in the law and protect people like her mother.


As Daily Mail reported, Colman denied that he forced Joan to marry him saying that both of them had a “loving” relationship. He insisted that the nonagenarian lady, diagnosed with dementia, had the capacity to go ahead with the marriage.

Unfortunately, Joan was not the only person who suffered such a thing just before passing.


Isabel Kesari Gervais was arrested in March 2017 and sentenced to more than six years in prison for wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and making false statements. Isabel spent 15 years offering bogus medical treatments to sick and dying patients across the US.

She made people think that she was a licensed doctor with a lot of experience, but it was all part of the scam to milk desperate clients for thousands of dollars and even stealing their properties.

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