Blake Shelton’s new Hallmark Christmas movie is inspired by the song he wrote with his mom

Country star Blake Shelton is the executive director of a Hall Mark movie based on his hit song “Time for Me to Come Home.”

Multi-talented Blake Shelton isn't just a country music superstar, he is a songwriter, TV personality and a celebrity presenter.

He is also the executive director of a brand new Hallmark Christmas movie, "It's Time to Me to Come Home for Christmas."

The film is based on one of Shelton's hit songs which he wrote with his mother, Dorothy Shackleton. Read more on Twitter @amomama_usa

“Christmas is our favorite time, and we're always together at Christmas. I mean, it would be really bad and weird if we weren't all together at Christmas."


Shackelton was invited by the New York publishers New American Library to co-write a romance novel with best-selling author Travis Trasher based on the song called "It's Time to Me to Come Home for Christmas."

Then, the ever-popular Hallmark Movies and Mysteries expressed an interest in making a Christmas movie out of the novel, and Shelton stepped in as executive producer.

Like his alter ego in the movie, Shelton also suffered a bereavement when his older brother Richie, 24, was killed in an automobile accident


Shackleton and Thrasher wrote a story about a music star called Heath Sawyer. The singer, who has just made it to the big time, is going home to Oklahoma for Christmas for the first time since his father's death.

He is caught up in a blizzard along with an equally bereaved young woman called Cara, and as they struggle to make it home in time for Christmas, they start to fall in love.


Shackleton and Thrasher admitted that they were inspired by Shelton's character when creating their hero, Sawyer, who shares some of the country legend's values and quirks:

"They didn't really want it to be about Blake, although it's got a lot of him in it through this character.” 

Shackleton confided that for Shelton, Christmas is an important time to be with the family.

Like his alter ego in the movie, Shelton also suffered a bereavement when his older brother Richie, 24, was killed in an automobile accident when Shelton was just 15.


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have a terrible problem at Christmas.

When everyone heads out Christmas shopping, list in hand, the two stars struggle to think up new and exciting ideas for Christmas presents for each other.

After all, what do you give a man or a woman who has everything? 

Stefani, 49, confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that she and her Shelton had made a pact not to buy each other presents: 

“It’s so hard! He has everything. I feel like we’re both sitting there going, ‘Promise me you’re not going to get me anything. Let’s just not get gifts this time.’ “

So when Stefani expressed an interest in a jacket she had her eye on during Black Friday shopping but considered too expensive, Shelton saw his chance.

To his horror, Stefani walked in with the jacket on and he told her:

"I got you that! That’s your Christmas present!”

Stefani spoiled the surprise when she texted her plans to buy Shelton a leaf blower on the wrong chat page – and Shelton was on it. He too confessed that he had already brought one for himself.

One Christmas present they will surely be giving each other is love and music. The couple appeared together in a music video for “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” the title track off Stefani's holiday album.

In a related story, 41-year-old Blake Shelton and girlfriend, 48-year-old Gwen Stefani have been playing their cards close to the vest, but insiders hint at an engagement in the near future.

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