Burglars raid kid's charity shop and steal donations weeks before Christmas

A children's charity shop is reaching out to the public after they were raided mere weeks before Christmas. 

On Saturday night, robbers took to Banardo's Kids, a charity shop located on Station Street, Langley Mill in the United Kingdom. 

According to Derby Telegraph, when deputy manager Sophie Black arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, she was shocked. The robbers had made off with £130 cash and £100 worth of items.

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The criminals had broken open the back door using a crowbar. They proceeded to empty the safe and displace all documents in the shop. 

Black, 21, said: 

"There was paperwork everywhere. They have messed up our till and door that we can't shut it properly. They have been through all our lockers, filing cabinets, they have been through everything."

This wasn't the first time it had happened either. Black explained: 

"It was a new safe because it happened last August too. I just thought, 'Oh my God, not again.' I was just in so much shock." 

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

She added: 

"They have stolen from a charity shop and vulnerable children. They are scum - the lowest you can get."

Black and the store's other employees are asking that the public make donations to fix the store and make up for the lost donations. 

Online, many were appalled by the actions against the store intended to benefit those who are unable to help themselves.

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

To do so, persons can drop off children's items at Unit 1, Langley Mill District Centre, Station Street, Langley Mill, NG16 4LH. They can also call 01773 530330. 

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Source: Facebook/ MetroUK

Another charity shop went through a devastating robbery in the UK. Back in October, the Children's Air Ambulance shop was left with no money and a gaping hole in the store's wall. 

The employees estimated £1,200 worth of damages following the break-in. They also asked the public for help after the "despicable" act. 

They stated: 

"The Children’s Air Ambulance exists to provide high-speed transfers for critically ill babies and children but, instead of money going towards the vital service, we now need to spend hundreds of pounds putting the shop back together and making it secure."

And just earlier this month, a priceless item was taken away from a mother in West University Place. Clare Smallwood was forced to suffer again when the baby's ashes were stolen from her home. 

Although other things had been taken, Smallwood begged the robbers for only the child's ashes. She believed they thought it was a jewelry box. 

All of these instances definitely go beyond regular robbery which is horrible in itself. We hope that the thieves stop their acts and that the people are able to recover after such losses.

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