Here is why you should avoid discarding pickle juice down the drain

Feb 01, 2019
01:48 P.M.
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Pickles are part of many iconic items and experiences; such as a McDonald's cheeseburger, a food stop while visiting Disneyland, and even when watching a movie in Texas cinemas. But the juice it comes in also needs to be used.


Fermented foods are becoming trendy, especially items such as kombucha and kimchi. But pickles are also seeing a rise in popularity.

Pickles are usually sold in glass jars and surrounded by a preserving juice. This juice is often discarded once all the pickles in the jar have been eaten, but it can be a useful substance.

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Drinking pickle juice can reduce stomach pain and cause muscle cramps to disappear. The acidity and high sodium cause the stomach and muscles to feel better.

Pickle juice can also be used to help mosquito bites to heal. Putting a few drops on the bites will stop them from being itchy.


The juice can be used to clean copper items, by soaking them in the liquid. It is also useful in the garden, where watering weeds with it will make them disappear.

Pickle juice can help take away the sting of a hangover, eradicate halitosis, and soothe heartburn. Therefore it is much smarter to save pickle juice rather than pour it down the drain.



As Christmas approaches, many families are putting up trees and decorations in their homes. In some American households, this includes a pickle hanging from the tree.


The tradition started in Germany and became an American staple due to migration and immigration by early settlers. A pickle is hung from the Christmas tree in such a way that it is hidden in the branches.

A fun game then takes place where children have to try to find the pickle. The winner can choose to either be the first person to open their presents or get a treat.

The message behind this tradition is to teach children not to be greedy about receiving presents but rather to savor each one that they open.