Video of Texas mom's reaction when her baby hears a sound for the first time still melts hearts

A Texas mom could not hold in her tears as she witnessed her baby hearing sounds for the first time. Her priceless reaction went viral in June 2018 and still melts hearts till this day.

 YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

In a 26-second video posted on YouTube, Anna Esler can be seen in what looks like a hospital consultation room. She held her one-year-old daughter, Ayla, on her lap at the Cook Children’s Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital.

Doctors determined Ayla was deaf soon after she was born and the family could not wait to see the effect of her new cochlear implants.

 YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

At first, Ayla is engrossed in a picture book, but she suddenly starts to wiggle and reach for her right ear, prompting the hospital staff to declare happily:

“Yeah, you heard it.”

Anna looks down at her daughter and begins to sob. Ayla’s father, Will, was also in the room, as were her two older siblings. Even though the man tries to console Anna, he couldn’t help wiping off a tear from his eyes at some point.

 YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

The happy mom told the hospital in a Q&A session:

“I thought she would probably cry and scream when her CIs were activated -- and she did do that later when it became overwhelming -- but to see her hearing sound and enjoying it was just incredible.”

“When I saw her happy and dancing and responding to sound for the first time in her life I just lost it because we’ve been waiting a long time for that,” she also told Fox 4 News.

 YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

YouTube/Cook Children's Health Care System

Ayla’s four-hour surgery was performed by Dr. Kristen Honsinger, who works at the hospital’s otolaryngology team.

The Esler family told the hospital that Ayla still has future challenges such as catching up to her mates in hearing, but Anna confirms the little one is already responding positively.

“Sometimes she turns to sounds (which she had never done before), she dances to music, she’s starting to calm down when we sing to her if she’s upset,” said Anna. “We really couldn’t be more thankful for the new opportunities our little girl has thanks to everyone in her life.”


Like Ayla, two-month-old Charlotte Keane was born deaf. When, at two months old, she was fitted with hearing aids, her mother, Christy filmed her reaction to hearing sounds for the first time.

As Christy professed her love for Charlotte, the infant’s lips quivered, and she was almost moved to tears.

Charlotte’s emotional reaction has since garnered over 13 million views. The touching moment is captured here.

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