December 17, 2018

Mother of 3 tragically dies after trying to save family dog from a frozen pond

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It will indeed be a very sad day for the members of the Michigan community, as a 38-year old mother of three, Tracy Cashman, pictured below, tragically died Saturday evening.

It was in an attempt to save the family dog from a frozen pond.  According to sources, Tracy Cashman, a mother of three, took the family dog, Lola, for an evening walk.

She didn't take her phone along as she did not intend to be out for long. Sadly, only the dog returned home, Tracy didn't; and her body was later found in a frozen pond. 

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No one knows exactly what happened but the theory is that the canine must have gone astray and fallen into the pond.

Possibly, in a desperate attempt to save her dog, Tracy fell into the water after the frail ice must have given way beneath her weight.

When the dog returned home soaking wet thirty minutes later without the mother in sight, the family knew something was wrong.

They went in search of her; for hours they searched the park but did not find her. The police found her body in the pond the following day, Sunday, at midnight.

YouTube/WOOD TV8


Tracy's mother, Rhonda Moore has commented on the issue, saying that her daughter was a very kind and helpful individual.

She was someone who would go out of her way to render assistance to anyone, another person's child, pet, and in this case, her own dog.

The mother-of-three, worked for Godfrey-Lee Public Schools, she'd been an employee there for fifteen years and was immensely loved by both parents and her students. 

She held a position of administrative assistance in relation to operations and transportation services in the school.

Her mother said she loved her job, and never had problems with anyone she worked with; she especially loved the children she worked with.


It's a big blow to the community and the school, and people are deeply saddened that such a vibrant character has been lost forever.


The community district declared there would be a half-day on Monday to mourn Tracy Cashman. 

The school announced this on their Facebook page as they are trying to pick the pieces left by the sudden loss of their beloved employee.

“It is with deep sadness that we inform you of a recent loss to the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools community. Ms Tracy Cashman, employee and parent, passed away Saturday night due to an accident. Because of this sudden loss, GLPS will have a half-day on Monday, December 10.”

A great loss to the community of Wyoming, Michigan, may her soul rest in peace. And comfort be with her family.

A similar story is that of an Indianapolis who died after trying to rescue his dog. The man went after his dog who had fallen into an icy pond. Unfortunately, the dog managed to get out but the man couldn't.

One can only pray for comfort for the bereaved and that the souls of those who passed away rest in eternal peace.