Bride surprises wedding guests with father-daughter dance on roller skates

Chrissy Mitchell, a 32-year-old bride from Oswego, Illinois, became a viral sensation after the father-and-daughter dance during her wedding hit the internet.

In the clip, Chrissy and her father, 51-year-old Tim Lesak, appeared performing their choreography in roller skates. The man was wearing black pants and a burgundy shirt while the bride was rocking her white wedding dress.

The pair showed off their amazing dancing skills to Freestyle’s “Don’t Stop the Rock,” leaving some of the guests, who couldn’t help but record the performance, speechless.


While most people were shocked over Chrissy’s choice for her father-and-daughter dance, the truth is that she knew they would do it since her now-husband, 32-year-old Kevin Mitchell, popped the question.

"It is something my dad and I have always done together. I’ve been skating since I was 14 and he has been skating since before he could walk. He taught me all the footwork I know and how to dance to the beat of the music,” revealed the bride.


One of the most striking aspects of their presentation was that they didn’t practice or rehearse it before the ceremony – and they didn’t need it, to be honest. Since they are so used to skating together, everything came out as good as possible in the most natural way.

“He was so excited, he had a smile on his face the whole time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile that much. I knew if we were confident that it would flow. Everyone loved it,” said Chrissy.

Tim has been skating since he was a toddler. Not only he danced but also moved on to do speed and artistic skating. Just as his father, 72-year-old Dale Lesak, Tim worked as a coach, proving that the activity runs through the family’s bloodstream.


Chrissy is not the first person who did something not common at a wedding. Reginald Ousley surprised everybody when he rapped his vows to LL Cool J’s hit song “I Need Love.”

In the clip that the man uploaded to Instagram, he appeared wearing black pants and a white blazer while reading (and rapping) his vows on his phone. His wife, Kianna, put on a beautiful bride dress and was smoothly dancing to her man’s song.

One of the aspects that attracted more attention was Reginald’s groomsmen behind him, who were dancing side to side while he opened up his feelings in an ingenious way.

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