Tennessee mom's back-to-school drop-off parody video went viral in 2018

Among the many hilarious videos that went viral in 2018, there was one that had all moms in stitches because of its accuracy. The video is a parody of the drop-off line at school and the different types of situations that parents have to endure in the minutes it takes to let their kid at school.

While summer is fun for kids, there comes a time when parents almost beg for school to be back so they can have a rest. However, school season is also synonymous with waking up earlier than usual, hurrying up kids out the door and enduring the dreaded drop-off line at school.

Susannah B. Lewis, a comedian, author, and mom of two, recreated the perfect parody of what is like for most moms, and dads, being stuck in the traffic line while other parents take what seems like an eternity to bid their kids farewell.


“Well, I've only been awake for seven minutes," she starts the video. “Look at this one right here, tangled up in the seat belt. Hey, this ain't Days of Thunder, they could have unstrapped way back there. We're not rolling through here 75 miles an hour," she continues, and by this point is inevitable don’t laugh.

Lewis continues ranting about the hardships of the drop-off line, calling a mom who showered, worked out and got dressed an “overachiever,” and pretending to encourage the school librarian after noticing she was wearing a construction worker vest to guide the line.

The mom of two also has a massive cup of coffee that she empties after saying “We've been in school a week and she is still taking pictures of him walking into this building. Oh my lawd!"

“What are they doing? The In my feelings challenge? Kiki go to class!” she yells at one point. And continues “I’m about to get out, beat on her window and tell her to move on. I would; I would if I wasn’t sitting here in pajamas and had brushed my teeth.”

The hilarious video ends with Lewis telling her kid, “bye baby, have a good day, love you,” taking a deep breath and driving away as the music starts to blast from her stereo.


“Drop off woes for my moms who clearly aren't morning people,” she captioned the video, which has earned over 16 million views, 196k shares and 21k comments from moms all over the world that felt identified with the video.

“I've never seen a video that was so "ME" in my life! Literally, this is me every day!” wrote one mom.

Another added:

“Can’t all schools just make huge signs starting at the back of the drop-off area that say things like, “get ready!” “here we go, unbuckle!” “last chance for kisses!” “bags on, assume positions” prepare to exit the vehicle in 50 ft” “TUCK AND ROLL!!!”....? Please?”

And a third one chimed with another complaint:

“Every. Day!!! And I love the parents that park and walk their kid to the doors....and they parked next to the 'Immediate Pickup and Drop off only/No Parking' sign. They're my favorite.”


This wasn’t Sussanah’s first time going viral.

The hilarious mother first went viral in 2017 with a rant about the end-of-the-year half-day. As the year comes to an end, the last days of school are shortened to only three or four hours because of the exams schedule. And when the tests are done, and the awards are given, the kids have to keep attending, but only for half-day.

“What is the point of the end-of-year half day?” Lewis opens up her rant.

“That just means I 'half' to get up at 6:30, drag these kids out of bed, send them to school for three hours to get hyped up on sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Pixie Stix, and doughnuts and cupcakes, and then I 'half' to go get them before the sugar high has even worn off."

She also stated that teachers must also be tired and want to go home. “These poor teachers don't want to put in three more hours for another handprint craft or to watch the movie 'Babe' again," she said.

The video earned 4.7million views, and thousands of comment from moms agreeing with the absurdity of half days and backing up Sussanah on her complaints.

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