Jennifer Lopez's daughter is now 10 years old and she is already making her mark in the world

Jennifer Lopez is passing on her business skills to her 10-year-old daughter. 

Lopez, 48, is proving to be a very supportive mother to her twin children Emme and Max. 

Back in June, the singer shared a picture of daughter Emme holding a book in her hand, and fans were surprised at the young girl's big moves. 

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The 10-year-old is a daughter to Lopez and her former husband of ten years, Mark Anthony. Regular photos from Lopez mother are just a reminder as to how kids grow up so quickly. 

Fans can make their own judgment on who looks like who. But one thing is sure, these kids are being encouraged to explore their passions. 

According to Shared, in the Instagram story, Lopez informed followers that she and her daughter were on their way to a business meeting with "book publishers." 

She said: 

"We're excited - we have three meetings today. It's a very special day. Emme and I are off to our very first book publishers meeting for an idea Emme had for a book." 

Emme is surely a creative and brave young girl to be willing to share her budding talent with others. Her upcoming book will be titled "Lord Help Me!" 

We have no idea yet what it's about, but it's great that the young one is backed by her mother as she takes on the world one step at a time. 

Back in November, Lopez revealed that her daughter is also supported by 10-year-old Ella. Ella is the daughter of Lopez's long-time boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. 

In an adorable photo, the two girls are cuddled up together and smiling for the camera. Emme sported a grey cardigan while Ella adorned a pink panda top. 

The young girl came during Rodriguez's marriage to Cynthia Curtis. The businessman is also father to Natasha, 13, from his previous marriage. 

Lopez captioned the photo: 

"Sugar and spice and everything nice...[heart emoji] [flower emoji] #E&E #thankheavenforlittlegirls"

The couple has expressed how well their kids get along, saying they really couldn't ask for more. But regarding marriage, they are not in any rush.

A wedding from the pair would draw in a media frenzy. That may not be what Lopez is looking for more of. 

In mid-December, the actress' mother fell victim to a harsh knock in the face when a fan elbowed her by accident. 

Lopez and her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, were walking the streets of New York outside Sirius Radio. Fans flocked around them hoping to get an autograph from the superstar. 

Instead of taking his time, one fan ended up hitting Guadalupe. Lopez comforted her mother when she saw what happened. The two avoided the public following the incident. 

Of course, the singer and dancer won't be staying out of the limelight very long. She is still promoting her new movie "Second Act" which has a release date of December 21 in the United States.

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