Peter Gunz shares pic with daughter after Amina Buddafly blasted him for skipping Cori's 4th b-day

Peter Gunz may be inviting another round of barbs from his ex-wife Amina Buddafly after sharing a new photo with his daughter. The last time he paid tribute to her, the singer slammed him for being an absentee father. 

It wasn’t lovely the last time Peter Gunz took to his Instagram to pay tribute to one of his daughters with his ex-wife, Amina Buddafly. The singer blasted him for being absent from their daughter’s life and 4th birthday. But now that he shared a new photo with Cori months later, we wonder how Amina would react this time. 


Peter gushed about Cori in a new photo, a selfie he took while hugging his little girl from behind. He captioned the snap “My heart,” using the tiny words to express what he truly feels about her. 


The father-of-ten was sorry to miss Cori's fourth birthday in July so he posted a tribute for her on Instagram then. In his message, he said 

“Couldn’t make it to Hamburg Germany to bring in my baby girl @iamcorigunz 4th birthday so I’m sending my love and wishing you a very happy birthday!! I will be waiting for you in LA..”

If he thought his gesture was going to appease Amina, he was wrong. The singer clapped back at him with a mouthful of accusations including his lack of effort to even call their daughter and making empty promises to her about showing up in Germany. 

“I’ve gotten disappointed by you lots but this is the very first time in my life I’m disappointed in you as a FATHER. We good. We get it. And we will be fine. My daughters got all they need deuces,” she snapped. 

Peter responded with an emotional post explaining his side and Amina fired back in an Instagram story. She said she wasn’t mad at him but wished “he was a bigger part in their lives.” However, she insisted “we don’t need him” or his empty promises. 


Peter and Amina share two girls together, Cori and 2-year-old Bronx. They filed for divorce last January due to Peter’s alleged cheating with his ex of more than a decade, Tara Wallace. In fact, Tara was also pregnant with Peter’s child while Amina was carrying Bronx. Sufice to say, it was pretty messy. 


The couple announced that they were finalizing their divorce in separate posts. While Amina captioned the photo of her documents with “Ready, set, go…,” Peter captioned his with “The end.” Amina responded by writing, “The beginning.” Peter described the filing as “not ugly” and said that there were no lawyers, judges or mediators. “Just us,” he reveals. He was also grateful to Amina for the “Beautiful Queens she gave me.” 


Fast forward to September and Amina and Peter are at odds again. Apparently, the singer got wind of Peter’s engagement to his younger girlfriend and wanted to remind him of a little piece of information that may have slipped his mind – they weren’t divorced yet. Responding to Peter’s Instagram Live update about his new girlfriend, Amina wrote this on the comments section:

“Peter a sugar daddy now without the money. You don’t gotta show her to this mean would out her, but can u admit u dating a younger woman while you at the topic. Especially when you planning on married her while we haven’t finalized the divorce.”

Looks like Peter still has some things to settle before he can hop on to a new marriage. 

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