Amina Buddafly slams ex Peter Gunz for missing their daughter's birthday

Amina Buddafly sees red after celebrating her daughter's birthday in the absence of her father. She took to Instagram to express her dismay over Peter Gunz's empty promise prompting a series of bitter exchanges between the two. 

Amina Buddafly recently celebrated her daughter Cori’s birthday but soon found herself throwing barbs at the newly-turned 4-year-old’s father Peter Gunz who missed the big day.

Responding to Peter’s post greeting their daughter after he failed to show up in Germany as promised, Amina accused him of saving face with the sorry post. 

“U ain’t gona [sic] be waiting for nobody in L.A. u ain’t gona be there when we get back like u wasn’t there last month and the month before or the moth [sic] before that, despite saying u will…posting on here but not one call..saying u was gona come to Germany when we knew u wasn’t gona make it was whack, and honestly in the past I’ve gotten disappointed by you lots but this is the very first time in my life I’m disappointed in you as a FATHER. We good. We get it. And we will be fine. My daughters got all they need deuces,” 

The post Amina responded to had Peter sharing a photo of their princess-garbed daughter as he greeted her in his absence.

“Couldn’t make it to Hamburg Germany to bring in my baby girl @iamcorigunz 4thbirthday so I’m sending my love and wishing you a very happy birthday!! I will be waiting for you in LA.”

Following Amina’s reply to his post, Peter responded and explained why he couldn't be there for Cori's birthday in an emotional post below. He said time and money had become an obstacle though it does not change the fact that he loves his daughter. He also revealed he tried calling Cori but Amina refused to answer his call prompting him to greet her on Instagram instead. While he credited Amina for being a good mother, he also expressed his disappointment over her refusal to take his call.

To clarify her reaction to Peter’s absence, Amina took to her Instagram Story and issued this statement,

“To be clear I’m not mad Peter missed his daughters birthday, I understand how his life is and the details behind him not coming, like I said: we good, we wish he was a bigger part in their lives but we don’t need him. I just don’t like someone continuously making promises they don’t keep, that is all.”

Apart from Cori, Peter and Amina also share daughter Bronx. Earlier this year, the Love & Hip Hop’ star filed for divorce from her husband after having had enough of Peter’s infidelity and lies. It all began when Peter was still in a relationship with Tara Wallace when he decided to marry Amina. To make matters worse, Peter had his third child with Tara while married to Amina. 

Following Amina’s divorce filing, Peter shared a glimpse of the papers and revealed it was “the end” of their relationship in his caption.

With no hard feelings, Peter also wrote on his IG,

“Divorce in our case is not a bad thing it’s best and won’t change the support and love for her my kids and her music.”

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