Chris Watts receives dozens of love letters from women

Bipolar women flood Chris Watts with handwritten love letters, offering the murderer support and care.

It may seem bewildering, but in an amazing feat, Chris has been receiving letters from women all over the world after he murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters.

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Chris murdered his family in cold blood. He had been having an affair with his lover; Nichol Kessinger and wanted to leave his marriage. His wife's last pregnancy with their unborn son, Nico, was the last straw as he did not want more children.

He smothered his daughters and strangled his wife Shanan, who was fifteen weeks pregnant.He dumped his two daughters; Bella and Celeste in oil tanks while he buried their mum.

Despite his horrific crimes, so many women who have admitted to having bipolar disorder have written him love letters; some even sent him pictures of themselves attached to private information like names and address.

These letters and postcards have been intercepted by the detectives, and it is unclear whether these letters are delivered to him in his jail cell or not.

Some of these women have begged him to add them to his visitor's list so they can come visiting.

A particular woman called Candace sent several letters and had promised to keep sending more. Even if she can not see him; she does not believe he killed his family.

She claims Chris is so special to her and in one of her letters, she wrote:

“I think bout you often (well actually a s***ton LOL.” 

Candace added that she cares about him and in her words

“...maybe I'm nuts/crazy LOL.”

She further pleaded that Chris adds her to his visiting list, promising him her presence at his next hearing in November.

Another woman wrote in plain words “Trust me when I say this:

‘I do not care what happened.’”

An Australian woman sent pictures of herself and added; she thinks he has the kindest face she's ever seen.

The Australian woman worries about him being alone in jail, and if the letters would even reach him, she hopes people would care enough to reach out to him.The 35-year-old CEO from Melbourne wrote, “I don't even know you, yet I don't want you to feel alone.”

Another admirer sent a postcard with pictures of Maui to him. She even asked if she could send him some banana bread in prison.

Some of the letters contained encouragement words - telling him to seek solace in religion that God could turn this around for him in ways he can not imagine.

Not all the letters were positive, a letter was sent containing a handful of white feathers and the words:

“To me they represent Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico.”

the same letter told Chris Watts to take “full responsibility” for the murder of his wife and children and apologize, to seek the forgiveness of her family.

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