Arkansas pair adopts 7 siblings who spent 1,035 days in foster care just days before Christmas

Rodolfo Vieira
Dec 20, 2018
04:47 P.M.

Michael and Terri Hawthorn, a couple from Arkansas, always loved fostering children; still, they never planned on adopting any of them.


But their big hearts led them to adopt not only two half-siblings, but also seven siblings in desperate need of a home.

As reported by Fox News, the couple reached a point where they just couldn't allow the children to leave the comfort of their home.

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It all started with Korgen, a three-year-old boy who, at four months, had to be rushed to the hospital due to several health issues. Terri stood by his side and when he heard her voice, his condition began to improve.


That's when she realized that Korgen was put in their lives for a reason. The adoption specialists eventually found a potential adoptive match but Terri refused to let him go.


After that, the Hawthorns adopted his younger sister, Haizlee, in April, seven months before opening their doors to seven brothers and sisters - Dawson, Kyndal, Lacy, Layna, Addiley, Arria and Nixson.


According to 15-year-old Dawson, he had been praying for a family he could enjoy Christmas with, and that the feeling of being safe and loved is the best in the world.


Before being adopted by the Hawthorns, the children lived in horrible and inhuman conditions. Their parents were drug addicts and the siblings were forced to share a single toothbrush. Not only that, all gifts received through Angel Tree and other groups would be burned or taken away by the parents.


Fortunately, now they have two parents who really care about them and will love them no matter what. But Michael and Terri aren't the only ones with hearts of gold.


Joe and Karen Bartling, from Virginia, tried to have more children after the birth of their biological son, Joel, but didn't manage to do it, not even through IVF.

This inspired them to adopt Hannah, a blind girl from South Korea who was born without eyes, and one after the other, they ended up adopting five more blind children, all with their own special needs.


With times getting darker and darker, it's heartwarming to know that there are amazing people like the Hawthorns and the Bartlings who live to give special children a second chance at being happy.

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