Video of woman dramatically throwing up her hand after man spoke to her at event went viral in 2018

A video of a woman storming out of an election party has made the rounds of the internet after many were curious to find out what caused her dramatic exit. They later learned the shocking truth.

A concerned bystander at a Dan Crenshaw watch party captured a video of a woman who questionably walked out of the affair. The woman, Ellie Delgado, was in a conversation with an older man and another woman when she threw her hands up in frustration and left. 


The bystander named Gina was so concerned she took her video to Twitter to ask for help in finding Delgado and determining what prompted her to leave.

“TWITTER please find this girl I have to know what that guy said to her.”


Her tweet led users to form their own opinions on what actually transpired and what the man said to her. The jokes came pouring in. One said Delgado must have been told that “Pokemon is better than Dragonball”  and another said she reacted to the man telling her that the  McDonald’s McFlurry machine was broken.  

Others requested for a lip reader while there were those who simply wanted to hang around to find out the truth.


Thousands began to be curious about the video and wanted to know what made Delgado so upset. Until Delgado herself emerged from the thread and tweeted a shocking revelation.

“It’s just my dad…chill.”

An embarrassed Gina offered to take down her post after learning the social media frenzy she started revolved around Delgado’s father. But Delgado was kind enough to satisfy people’s curiosity by revealing the reason she walked out on her father. 

“Lol hi it’s just my dad talking about a woman he wants to date,.”

Many now understood why Delgado reacted that way at the party. One even put it into words for everyone.

“That’s a response everyone can relate too.”


This story brings to light the power of the internet in finding information about strangers. A single tweet can go viral and bring in amazing results.  One woman, in particular, experienced how social media can help track down a long-lost person.

After 15 years of searching for her biological mother, Jessica Nicole finally did by creating a Facebook page which eventually alerted an organization that facilitated her adoption. After coordinating with her mother thru the organization, Jessica finally met her thru Facetime. It was an emotional reunion that provided closure for the 33-year-old who searched almost half her life to find it. 

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