Two Pennsylvania women start a harsh dialogue over woman's extravagant look

Dec 24, 2018
06:14 P.M.
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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania two women recently had an argument on a bus about their appearance. The video of this incident went viral almost immediately and had the public taking sides.


One of the women has a high beehive type wig. When combined with her attitude, it upset a fellow passenger who in turn lashed out at her looks.

The argument began when the lady in the wig sat in the disabled section of the bus, and the other woman sat next to her.

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YouTube/ Viral Hog



The woman in the wig asked the second woman if she was comfortable. The conversation soon escalated into a fight where the first women claimed that the second one has a problem with her.

The women proceed to accuse each other of being crazy. The second woman fought back by making fun of the other one’s wig and nails. The woman in the wig replied confidently that she knows she looks good.

YouTube/Viral Hig


All the while the other passengers are giving the two women their full attention and some are even laughing at the situation. She ended the argument by saying:

“I look good because plenty of people can't wear this, including you. 'I get compliments all the time. Can you say that? No. Bye Felicia.”



This woman is not the only one who is proud of showing off her hair. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was diagnosed with cancer in September last year but has not let that get her down.

Although her public appearances have become less frequent, Julia was recently spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, showing off her natural grey hair.


By not coloring her hair during treatment Julia has become an inspiration for women battling cancer all over the world.


While male balding is seen as relatively common, female hair loss is hardly ever spoken about. It is just as natural in women as in men and should be treated as such.

Falcone Center

Conditions such as anemia, infections, and digestive issues can all lead to hair loss in women. However, there are treatments available.

Treatments vary depending on the severity of the hair loss. Light hair loss can be curbed with a nutritious diet and supplements, but more severe cases may require Vampire Hair treatment and maintenance treatment.