Michael J Fox gets his first tattoo ever, and here’s the significant meaning behind it

Yesterday Michael J. Fox sat down for his first tattoo at one of the best tattoo parlors in Manhattan, and it looks stunning.

Michael and his wife had just returned from a trip to Morocco and Seychelles and made it back in time for the Michael J Fox Foundation to solidify a new one-year long partnership with IBM.

Michael had previously teased fans with a clip from the tattoo artist, Mr. K at work, and told everyone to “stay tuned.”

Early yesterday, his wife Tracy, posted a picture of Michael as he laid down in the chair with a serious facial expression with the caption, “Guess what’s happening?”

After the tattoo was completed, Michael posted a picture of the beautiful inkwork that showed a sea turtle swimming through the water on the inside of his right forearm, and cryptically wrote, “First tattoo, sea turtle, long story.”

Bang Bang NYC is regarded as one of the best tattoo parlors in the world, and Michael met up with the talented Mr. K a month and a half ago for an initial consultation before actually getting one yesterday.

Their quality tattoos and masterful designs have attracted clientele across the entertainment industry and included the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Demi Lovato.

Michael’s presence was a delight to all at the parlor as they are all fans. They gathered around to see the completion of the 57-year-old’s first tattoo as the mastermind Mister K commented:

“He signed a bunch of stuff, we took photos, and he was great to us. He was really awesome and let us be fans for a moment.”

The choice of a sea turtle may sound odd to some, but it has special meaning to Michael. While in Saint John, he was swimming when he spotted a turtle with a chunk of his one fin missing and a big scar on his face.

The two swam together for about half an hour and made a transcending decision right after that which transformed his career. It was a special moment for him that carry a lot of significance.

The ‘Back to the Future’ star is excited about the foundation’s new partnership with IBM, the computer hardware company. 

Research done by the foundation will be used to develop technologies that will give scientists and researchers a “more comprehensive look at the disease and how it progresses.”

The data that will be used for this purpose comes from the foundation’s Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative, and will also provide the funding needed for the research.

Jianying Hu, program director of the Center for Computational Health at IBM, said:

“This partnership will help us to build a disease progression model that will support our understanding of the disease, its progression, and how to improve the drug discovery process.”

Hopes are that IBM would be able to create technology that can adequately map the progression of the disease through all stages, and would perhaps be able to pinpoint specific triggers that influence the disease’s progression.

Perhaps by this time next year more valuable information would be available in the fight against this debilitating disease through the fantastic work Michael J. Fox has dedicated his life to.

The family also take the time to enjoy life, as Michael posted a picture just after Christmas on December 27, while on a game drive in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Smiling broadly in the picture which shows a few elephants grazing not far from their vehicle, he captioned it, “Merry Christmas Elephants!”

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