Mom 'disgusted' as she sees school bus driver neglecting duties while behind the wheel

Parents are furious after a video surfaced of a bus driver chatting on FaceTime while behind the wheel of a school bus. 

The video was taken by one of the students on the bus, who showed it to his mother, Michelle Urban. She shared it on Facebook where it went viral. 

Her 16-year-old son was "nervous and along in the van as he documented what was happening," Urban later told reporters. 

Image credit: Twitter/Eye Witness News

Image credit: Twitter/Eye Witness News

Image credit: Twitter/Eye Witness News

Image credit: Twitter/Eye Witness News

She captioned the video: "Imagine if she was driving a child unable to speak or communicate. I am thoroughly disgusted."

Urban reported the incident to the school, and the district superintendent later confirmed that the driver was suspended. 

She is not allowed to transport children, and the case was transferred to the state police for investigation. 

The NJ Herald and several other media outlets reached out to the school for comment but were unable to reach the police or the school. 

Even though chatting via FaceTime might not some like a big issue to some, the slightest distraction on the road could ruin someone's life. 

Back in 2018, a 7-year-old Bryantown girl was struck by a truck on her way home from school. The girl was waiting by the parked school bus when the accident happened.  

The driver of the truck remained at the scene. The case is being investigated, and she may be the charged.

The young girl, Shirriel, was taken to the Maryland hospital where doctors placed her under a medically induced coma.

She is still in a critical condition, still in a coma, and her medical team is doing everything they can to see her through the ordeal. 

Parents were outraged, with one mother saying online: "Just stop! Stop when you see the yellow lights even. Slow down! Stop! Somebody's child is gonna get hurt just like what happened yesterday."

According to Maryland authorities, there is a rise in bus stop violation incidents, and they want to remind residents to obey the road rules as children's lives are at stake. 

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