White man goes on racist, sexist, and xenophobic rant at a McDonald's in viral video

Claudine Varela
Jan 15, 2019
08:08 A.M.
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A white man unleashes his fury on customers of a McDonald's restaurant accusing immigrants and feminists of contaminating his country. His tirade was caught on video by a singer who shared it on Twitter wanting to find out who the man is. 


A white man caused a commotion at a McDonald’s branch in London after spewing racist statements for anyone to hear. 

“You don't like that civilization was created by white men and it bothers you because you can't do what 'we' do.”

The unidentified man was caught on video in the McDonald’s branch in Brixton ranting about white men and how it built civilization. He then blamed feminists and immigrants for his country’s problems. 

“This place is run by bloody immigrants,” he told the staff at the restaurant. 

“‘That’s why my country is [expletive]. That’s why England is [expletive]. It’s full of feminists and immigrants.”



It was singer Alex Parvenu who filmed the man and shared the video on Twitter. The man who noticed he was being filmed was addressing him when he launched his tirade. 


“The world is built by white men but you don't like it, do you?

“You don't like that civilization was created by white men and it bothers you because you can't do what 'we' do.”

“White men created the world for you. We made it possible for you people to benefit from the world.

“We white men built the world for you.”

Parvenu asked the help of his followers to find out who the man is as he described him as “pretty misogynistic & racist” in his tweet.



In a second video that emerged the man continues his tirade insisting immigrants are parasites who “suck the energy from my country”

“We built civilization, and you are parasiting off it.

“White men built the world and you're coming to my country to suck the energy from my country that we created.”

He also speaks of Africa and how white men built it only to be kicked out. 

“We built Africa and now the white men have left Africa they've all gone back to being poor, and scratching the dirt.”


“We built Africa. Now you've chucked out the whites, you've gone back to being primitive [expletive] anti-diluvian. You have no money and no food. You kicked out the whites.”

It’s unclear if the second clip was taken after the first.



McDonald’s has since condemned the man’s actions and expressed its support for its staff who was also harassed by the man before they escorted him out of the establishment. In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said,

“After being abusive to staff, the customer was asked to leave the restaurant and after continuing to be abusive was escorted out by another member of staff. We are supporting our team who were working at the time.”

“Behaviour like that is not condoned in our restaurants”.

Police have been alerted about the man but he has yet to be located and identified. No arrests have been made as of this writing.  



Meanwhile, a man recently caught the attention of people waiting in line at a restaurant when he disregarded a Black woman in front of him and asked that his party of two be seated first. The man explained that “as a White American,” he didn’t need to “acknowledge people like her” and thus he “should come first.”


The woman who refused to be intimidated by the man had the perfect response for him.

"It's okay party of 2 can go first. I want to allow sympathy on account of his handicap."

When the man whose patience had run corrected her by saying he wasn’t handicapped, the woman replied,

"Make no mistake about it, Sir. Ignorance is a handicap, and its effect cripples us all."

Sometimes it simply takes the right words to stand up to a racist, misogynist man and put him in his place.