McDonald’s staff fired after getting caught using racial slur in confrontation with black customer

An altercation at a McDonald drive-through window ends in racial slurs.

Once again the world's most popular fast food restaurant has been the scene of an unpleasant incident of racial discrimination.

The incident occurred at a McDonald's franchise in  Spring Hill, Florida, and was the culmination of an altercation between an employee and a customer at a drive-thru.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

"This behavior goes against the values and standards that I expect from employees in my restaurants. This employee displayed improper and unacceptable conduct and is no longer with the company."

Javier Illas


A McDonald's customer identified as Zacch Barnes filmed an employee's racist rant through the drive-thru window, and the clip went viral.

In the clip, Barnes is saying repeatedly that the employee called him the "N" word, to which he finally responds by yelling: 

"I don't care... don't give a f**k n***er."


Barnes responded by telling the McDonald's employee that he had filmed the incident and that they would be fired.

A Twitter user responded to the video by posting a clip which supposedly depicts Barnes' actions before the McDonald's employee's rant.


In the rebuttal video, Barnes is seen to insult the employee through the window, calling him a "faggot."

A female voice is calling the police and describing him, saying that he had threatened the McDonald's night manager.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay


The owner of the franchised restaurant, Javier Illas, issued a public statement stating that the employee's behavior was "improper and unacceptable", and declaring that the man was no longer employed at McDonald's.

This is one of many recent racially tainted incidents that seem to be plaguing the nation, with dozens of reports coming in daily from around the country.

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Amber Rocco, 39, was arrested in McMinnville, Oregon after she was caught on camera brandishing a knife and screaming racial slurs.

Rocco was allegedly involved in an altercation with the driver of another vehicle, over parking.

The conflict escalated, and one passenger captured Rocco threatening and insulting the other driver.

She is facing two counts of intimidation in the first degree, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of menacing and two counts of harassment.

Amber Rocco is being held at the Yamhill County Jail, and her bail is set at $55,000.

In a related story, a white Uber driver hurled racist insults at his black female passenger.

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