Tia Mowry shares heartbreaking tribute to late grandma on day that would have been her 90th b-day

Tia Mowry, the actress and host best known for “Sister, Sister,” took to Instagram to share a photo of her grandmother on what would have been her 90th birthday.

In the image, which was taken on the actress’ wedding day, Tia appeared wearing her white dress and holding the bouquet while posing next to her husband Cory Hardrict, who was also rocking his wedding outfit, and to her grandmother, Clo, who passed away in early January.

For the caption, the lady pointed out that Clo would have turned 90 years old on the day she uploaded that picture (January 15) and that she missed her a lot.

“We were so blessed to have to have [sic] you for as long as we did. I’ve learned so much from you. You always smiled through everything. Many say I get my strength from you. And I will continue to be strong,” added Tia.


Tia was not the only member of the family who uploaded photos of Clo when she passed away. Tamera, who has been a co-host of “The Real” for a while now, uploaded a photo from her wedding with Adam Housley that portrayed her next to Clo.

In the caption, Tamera wrote that her grandmother was with the Lord now and that she fought a long fight, referring to cancer, the disease that took her life. Finally, the host admitted that her family would miss her so much.


Tahj Mowry, the brother of Tia and Tamera, also took to Instagram to share a photo showing the four siblings (Tavior Mowry included) playing with Clo when they were children.

“I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures with you all. Since we were kids, we would lay on my grandma like this. We were never too heavy. But If the rest of my siblings weren’t around I would steal the spot for myself,” revealed Tahj in the caption.


Unfortunately, it was not the only time that Tamera’s family has gone through a hard time recently. Her niece Alaina Housley was one of the victims of the Thousand Oaks mass shooting that took place on November 7, 2018, when Ian David Long, a 28-year-old US Marine Corps veteran, killed 13 people.

Tamera posted several photos of Alaina in the weeks following her passing, including one on December 14, the day after the teen was scheduled to go to the host’s house to spend the holidays with them.

The image showed Alaina posing with her son, Aden, with a heartfelt message that started with:

“Alaina. God, we miss you. Yesterday you were supposed to come home. The questions of why consume my mind. But I must hold on to the fact that our Lord is sovereign.”

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