Rob Lowe’s sons are all grown up and they’re just as handsome as their famous father

Around the early 1980s, teen movie stars became a big revelation; one of the well-known celebrities then was Rob Lowe. Years later, he is now a father to kids who genuinely looks like him.

After becoming a celebrity, Lowe continued to stay relevant; transitioning from film to television. He is currently in a TV show with his sons called The Lowe Files. 

The actor's children, Matthew Edward Lowe, and John “Johnny” Owen Lowe were born in 1993 and 1995, respectively. Although now grown men, they genuinely do take after their father's handsome looks.

The Oxford Blues star keeps his sons' photos on his Instagram page any chance he gets, making it vivid how proud he is to be their father. 

In 1991, Rob Lowe married Sheryl Berkoff, and together they have two kids whom they did a good job parenting.

In recent photos, Matthew and Johnny are now grown-ups, they look handsome and full of life. This though is as a result of Rob, and Sheryl's example of what a family should be like; and most importantly, how to build a foundation in love.   It's helped to create a bond so strong and massive. 

Rob has featured in a lot of television shows and movies down the years; he is one busy man who consciously tries to find time for his wife and children. 

The actor, in numerous instances, travels with his sons across the world; regardless of if it's work or fun. And just like Mick Jagger, the 'dorky dad'; Rob shares his and the kids' impressive moments on his page. He always gets everyone talking. 

One fan wrote on  one of his Instagram posts: 

“I hope they thank you for their handsome genetics!”

Another one said: 

“What a good looking man! Your sons have inherited your good looks!”

Safe to affirm the statement to be correct! The two sons inherited their father’s well-structured face, thick brown hair, and athletic build, with all three having deep piercing blue eyes.

Aside from the looks, the young men just like their father have an affinity for golf; the sport makes it compelling for them to bond. It's quite undeniable and amazing the level of growth the sons have faced. Mathew and John look so adorable; probably slightly more than their 54-year-old dad.

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