Aaliyah's family and fans honor the singer's memory on what would have been her 40th birthday

Amid all the drama surrounding R. Kelly, Aaliyah's family and friends made sure to pay tribute to the late singer, who would have turned 40 years old last Wednesday. 

Being as iconic as she is, Aaliyah continues to have active social media pages despite her death almost 20 years ago. Being run on her behalf, her handler wrote "Happy birthday sweet angel!!!" on her official Twitter account to celebrate the short but sweet life she lived. 

Of course, her fans did not fall short on greeting her as well, with some even calling her one of the most beautiful and talented women to ever live.

“Happily Heavenly Birthday, @AaliyahHaughton! All these years have gone by & my love for you hasn’t changed. Your presence is greatly missed in today’s era of music, but your legacy continues to live on. We love you forever!”

“One of the most beautiful and talented women to ever walk this earth. Still listen to her music and still sad she’s no longer here.”

While her fans did not know her personally, people knew she spoke to them through her music, and that has made them feel as if they've known her so well. Through music, she's touched the souls of millions. 

“Happy 40th birthday to the Queen of my heart. I never personally knew you, but I felt like I did. I never personally met you, but still I considered you to be my sister. Not only did your music touch my soul, your beautiful spirit did too.”

At the age of 22, she passed away on August 25, 2001, along with seven others, when their small twin-engine plane crashed into a swamp just right after take off in the Bahamas due to being overweight.

At the time, she's had two albums to her name, with her second album "One in A Million" being a certified double platinum record.

With the issues surrounding R. Kelly, videos of Aaliyah have resurfaced. One particular video was her stellar performance of "More Than A Woman" on Tonight, hosted by Jay Leno. 

She went on the show to promote her third album entitled "Aaliyah", exactly one month before passing away on a plane crash. 

Up until today, people feel as if Aaliyah was a great loss to this world, especially since she was such a kind and beautiful soul that had so much to offer. 

At 40 years old, one could wonder what she could have achieved through the years. And unfortunately, wondering is all that we could ever do.

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah! 

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