Osorno, Chile: Grandparents tragically drown while trying to save their 9-year-old grandchild

The grandparents of a nine-year-old boy died after jumping into the La Plata River in Osorno, Chile, trying to save him from drowning.

So far, the names of the victims have not been revealed. It is known, however, that the lady was 54 years old and that the man was 48. Police said that the couple reacted immediately as soon as they noticed that their grandchild was drowning in the river.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do much against the strong current and died. Thankfully for the boy, a couple of people who were around the area noticed what was happening and quickly helped him, who ultimately survived the tragic incident.

Nestor del Valle, the chief of the Homicide Department of Osorno Police, said that the river dragged the grandparents down and they couldn’t escape. He added that the bodies showed all the characteristics of drowning, but that they had to investigate more to set everything clear.


As soon as the tragic news hit the Internet, several people took to the comment section to share their thoughts. User Jako Bike Vif wrote,

“They gave up their lives for their grandchild. I send strength to the family. Such terrible news.”

Another Facebook user, Viviana Nova, chimed in and said,

“We grandmothers and grandfathers [are willing to] give up our lives for our grandchildren.”


While most of the times grown up people are the ones who do their best to save children (like in this tragic case), nine-year-old Kazin Crisman proved that children can save grown up people, too.

The boy was visiting his 80-year-old grandfather, Allan, in Massachusetts and, when they got in the car, Kazin noticed that the man was having a hard time starting the car. He then asked his grandfather if everything was okay and even said, “do you want me to call 911?” four times.


Allan didn’t reply, so Kazin knew there was something wrong going on. He called 911 and provided all the information they needed, like the address and some of the symptoms he saw on the man.

Once first responders arrived, they learned that Allan, who suffers from diabetes, was having a hypoglycemic episode. Thanks to Kazin’s call, they were prepared with glucose and IVs.

Allan survived, fortunately, and he now believes that Kazin is his “little hero.” The boy admitted to being happy for helping his grandfather in such a way.

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