9-year-old grandson saves his dying grandfather's life by calling 911 in urgent situation

Oyin Balogun
Jan 09, 2019
02:47 A.M.
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A 9-year-old boy recently displayed an exceptional level of bravery and wisdom by saving his 80-year-old grandfather’s life during a life-threatening medical emergency on Saturday afternoon. 


The boy, Kazin Crisman was visiting his grandpa, Allan Crisman in Somerset, Massachusetts. The two were set to grab some pizza for lunch - Allan was about to drive out with Kazin at the back seat when the little boy noticed something was wrong.  His grandfather was having difficulty starting the car.


Kazin had told ABC affiliate WCVB that he noticed his grandfather was ‘acting really strange.’“I asked him, ‘Do you want me to call 911?’ He did not answer me all the four times that I asked him. I knew something was up”, -the boy had told WCVB.


Despite Alan’s unresponsiveness, Kazin sprung to action in no time. He called 911 and gave first responders the information they needed. It turned out his grandpa had a hypoglycemic episode; the older Crisman has diabetes. 

“Kazin called 911 and discussed his grandfather’s symptoms and other valuable information that assisted first responders in providing necessary medical treatment”. - Somerset Police

Allan himself had responded well to treatment and is now doing well. He also added that Kazin explained what happened; that first responders quickly arrived prepared with glucose and IVs. The old man made it and Kazin says he’s happy his grandfather is still alive.


Alan himself couldn’t be any more grateful; “He’s my little hero,” he had said. 

Asides many well-deserved accolades on both the family and public front, Kazin’s heroic act had earned he and Alan a pepperoni pizza; which the police bought the boy for his efforts.


This won’t be the first time we’d have a grandson do something heartwarming for a grandparent. Remember Jake Mitchem? The cute little boy had worked and saved up all summer to buy his grandfather, Ron Hensley a memory of a lifetime. 

Jake, who is only a little over 10, had spent over 1,000 dollars to take himself and grandpops to the Michigan game; one they’d both yearned for; for a long time. According to Hensley, this sweet treat from his grandson meant everything in the world to him, and it touched his heart.

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