'This is insane,' Woman wins jackpot at a casino but an error from the staff made it all disapear

Cynthia Obie’s best day ever ended up being an awful one. She won thousands of dollars at a casino, but a staff’s mistake left her empty-handed.

The incident took place at MGM National Harbor in Maryland, Washington DC. Obie won several thousands of dollars (she didn’t want to disclose the exact amount) using a slot machine.

Following the casino’s regulations, she had to present her ID and personal information to the staff. Unfortunately, the worker misread her Social Security number by one digit, and that’s when Obie’s nightmare began.

Slot machines | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Slot machines | Source: Wikimedia Commons


The typo in the Social Security number led the system to believe that Obie was a person who owed the state of Maryland several thousands of dollars in child support. The lady’s money was immediately confiscated.

After explaining what had happened, Obie told the casino’s workers that her daughters were not children anymore and that she had never had to pay child support.

Slot machine | Source: Flickr

Slot machine | Source: Flickr


When the staff verified the numbers they typed in, they noticed the mistake. However, there was nothing they could do.

Following Maryland’s law, Obie has to try to solve the issue with the state’s Human Services agency, which handles child support affairs. The woman told FOX 5 that, after spending more than an hour at their office, they didn’t provide any answers.

Woman frustrated | Source: Flickr

Woman frustrated | Source: Flickr


About the situation, Obie admitted to being frustrated. “You guys are a billion-dollar corporation; you do the research. I won fair and square. I just want my money,” finished the lady.

MGM also released a statement addressing the situation.

“We are aware of this unfortunate error and have taken the necessary steps to assist Ms. Obie in rectifying this issue.  Due to MLGCA rules and Maryland State Law, we cannot provide an additional payout for this jackpot, however, if she presents the proper identification credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission, they will provide her with the appropriate payout.”

$100 bills | Source: Flickr

$100 bills | Source: Flickr

The only thing that Obie received from the casino after the incident took place was $200 in free play and a couple of drink vouchers. 

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a fortune winner didn’t get anything.


A man in California, later identified as Adul Saosongyang, tried to cash the winning ticket of a scratch-off lottery earlier this year. Nowadays, he is in jail.

Lotto officials noticed that there was something wrong about the ticket and Saosongyang, who thought he had won $10,000, but the actual prize was $10 million.

After investigating more, the officials and Vacaville Police officers believe that the man allegedly stole the winning ticket to his roommate, who is supposed to be the real winner of the prize.

At the moment, Saosongyang is in jail awaiting trial. The California Lottery revealed that once they verify the identity of the person who bought the ticket (who is very likely to be Saosongyang’s roommate), they would pay the $10-million prize.

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