‘Law & Order: SVU’ fans excited as the 'Infinity Rapist' is arrested, thanks to Stone’s late dad

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 21, 2019
02:55 P.M.

The most recent episode of "Law & Order: SVU" satisfied fans when detectives cleverly got a rapist to confess after decades of avoiding justice.


Olivia Benson and Peter Stone were able to talk Edgar Noone into confessing to being the Infinity Rapist. The monster is known for the trademark infinity sign which he leaves behind after attacking victims.

The episode begins with the familiar cast of Dominick Carisi, played by Peter Scanavino, Odafin Tutuola, and Benson investigating the rape of April Baker.

After finding the Infinity Rapist's signature in Baker and her boyfriend's apartment, the investigation reveals that a copycat was the culprit of the rape.


They find him and also get a clue as to the whereabouts of the real Infinity Rapist who has been in hiding for 25 years. An illegal check on the DNA found on a letter to the copycat is tested.

It leads the team to go after Noone. But he is soon released until the team can find a valid charge to hold him on. They do that and do more research into Noone's background.

His niece lets them know that she and her uncle grew up in a tormented home. Noone's father would rape his mother within earshot, leaving him with daddy problems.


After his crimes, Ben Stone took up Noone's case. Noone, latching onto the attention he was getting, saw Ben as a father figure. Ben's son is Peter, the Assistant District Attorney.

When Benson and Peter interrogate Noone, Peter is insistent that his father was concerned about the rape victims. But Noone can't help but correct him.

He is adamant that it was him Ben cared about. That's why he would spend so much time trying to solve the Infinity Rapist's case. When Peter insisted "there was no relationship," Noone screamed out.


"All those hours Ben Stone spent on the case! He spent more time with Infinity than he did with his own family!"

Benson clarified:

"Ben Stone cared about the women who were raped. He cared about getting justice for them. You're a little confused."

Then Stone said:

"If you think this is about you, you're more insane than I thought."

Noone responds by admitting he would go to the office and see Ben working till after midnight sometimes.

He yelled:

"It was me he loved!"

With that, Benson and Peter could bag their man. The two worked perfectly as partners during the episode's finale.


Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, and her co-star Marrow have been on the show for over 20 years. Recently, they took on social media's #10YearChallenge. Fans love the pair's dedication to the show, and to catching bad guys.

However, Benson's former beloved partner will always be in Christopher Meloni who played Eliot Stabler for 12 seasons before Meloni moved on.


The two shared a sweet photo with fans when they ran into each other while on vacation in December 2018. Luckily, they tend to post reunion pics fairly often, and fans always welcome the gesture.

Meanwhile, Hartigay continues to help produce mind-boggling situations for "Law & Order: SVU" episodes. Last week, an episode titled "Plastic" saw Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Heath Barron on the show.

The episode is filled with twists and turns as the team of detectives try to unveil identities and get proof of an alleged rape. New episodes are on NBC Thursday nights at 10/9 p.m.

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