Mom slammed for breastfeeding her 7-year-old son fights back

Every child grows at their own pace, and this includes when they finish breastfeeding and move on to formula or solid foods. However, a mother was recently chastised for breastfeeding her seven-year-old son.

Lisa Bridger is a mother of five from Adelaide. Her son, Chase, is seven and has severe autism. His autism plays a role in why he hasn't weaned yet because it soothes him.

She often posts pictures online of her breastfeeding Chase, but she has received backlash for doing so and has even been called a pedophile.

Lisa Bridger who breastfeeds her seven year old son.| Photo: Daily Mail

Lisa Bridger who breastfeeds her seven year old son.| Photo: Daily Mail


Lisa fought back against her cyberbullies by posting an open letter on the parenting website “Kidspot.” In the letter, she addresses the audacity of people to criticize a stranger without context.

She uses childhood development facts to back herself up by saying that the average age for a child to be weaned is between four to eight years, so her son’s breastfeeding is not abnormal.

Lisa and her son, Chase. | Photo: Facebook/ Lisa Bridger

Lisa and her son, Chase. | Photo: Facebook/ Lisa Bridger

Chase’s mother also addressed claims that she is breastfeeding for sexual reasons and ended the letter by saying:

“Nope wrong, I don't need a man, it's not a sexual act, you can't force a baby or toddler or older child to breastfeed, in fact, I'm ready for him to wean whenever as I have been for quite some time.”


Tatyana Ali, on the other hand, breastfeeds her son, Edward, in public without worrying about what other people think. The actress has even posted pictures of it on Instagram.

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I’m about to start weaning my son soon. (Sigh) He’s almost 2 years old. When we passed the 6 month mark and I’d bring him to my breast, people started asking me when I would stop. I had a rote answer prepared. “Well... the world health organization says 2 years old is best,” I would say. I needed the scientific backup in some of those conversations because I felt like I had to defend my choice. But, I knew in my gut that it was right for me and my baby and I still do. The women in my family, in my mother’s generation were told by their Doctors, I believe wrongly, that formula was best because they themselves didn’t have enough milk. They were strongly encouraged to use formula, so they did. That sort of thinking is old fashioned and wrong. It’s well known that breastfeeding is absolutely the best choice if possible, for as long as possible. I encourage everyone who can breastfeed long term to do so. It’s so good for your baby. Aszi is hardly ever sick even when other people in the house are, including me. And after a few bumps and latching difficulties early on, because nursing is something you and your baby have to learn together, it was smooth sailing. I’ve pumped when I’m working in between scenes, or when I’ve had to traveland couldn’t bring him with me, used a hand pump in the airplane bathroom. We women do what we have to do. Breastfeeding him has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my whole entire life. I love looking down and seeing him latched on, feeling his cheeks so close to my heart. I love giving him nourishment, giving him my life force and most of all comfort. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I am so grateful that I have been able to feed him in this way for so long- my beautiful baby boy. #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmama #workingmama @who

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During Black Breastfeeding Week last year, she posted such a picture on Instagram with a lengthy caption that detailed what breastfeeding means to her and why it should not be hidden.

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