Baby says ‘Mama’ at just 23 days old and the mother is thrilled

Aby Rivas
Jan 30, 2019
11:41 A.M.
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A Chinese mom and medical staff were happily surprised when a newborn baby suddenly said “mama” in the middle of a back rub at a postnatal care center. Kids usually say their first words around the 12 months old.


Parents love to compete and see if their child will say “mama” or “dada” first, but it usually takes some time for a baby to consciously enounce the words associating the meaning of it with their parents.

Doctor exams Asian newborn baby with stethoscope. | Photo: Shutterstock


While the norm is that kids start talking around the 1-year-old mark, there are some exceptions of kids talking earlier than that, even if they just babble their words from their 8-months-old and forward.

However, a mom from China was surprised when her baby boy pronounced “mama” at just 23 days old, and she got in on video.


The clip, recorded while the baby got a back massage at a postnatal care center in Changchun, northern China's Jilin Province, on January 20, shows the fussy baby uncomfortable while laying down on a medic table while a nurse gently rubbed his back.


The boy can be heard babbling while his mother and nurse gush about him, and seconds later, he exclaims “mama!” earning a delighted gasp from both women.

A chinese baby gets a back rub at a postnatal care center. | Photo: Twitter/China Daily


According to Daily Mail, the mother explained to Jilin TV Station that she had taken her son for a swimming lesson earlier that same day. So, to avoid the baby from throwing up at the pool, she fed him just a little milk, so he was probably hungry too.

“He had been crying before and during the massage. Maybe he was angry (that I didn't give him enough milk), and later suddenly made the sound (of "mama").”

The baby surprised his mom and nurse by suddendly blurting out "mama." | Photo: Twitter/China Daily



The mother is aware her son didn’t meant to say "mama" because babies that young can’t really manage tonal sounds since they’re not even fully aware of language yet. “Although it was not intentional, my husband's family were very happy,” she said.

A doctor from the Changchun Children's Hospital confirmed that the boy made that sound intentionally.


Dr. Zhang Xiaoming, the director of Department of Child Psychology at the hospital, told reporters:

“Babies between one and two months old practice making sound with their vocal organs, such as their throat and lips. Although this baby said "mama" very clearly, it was still an unconscious sound.”

While the moment will go down as a memorable one in the boy’s life, his parents will surely look forward to his real first words shortly.

Asian baby looks at book with mom. | Photo: Shutterstock



Another famous baby that had fans wondering if its possible for kids to start talking so early is Ray J and Princess Love’s daughter, Melody Norwood.

The 7-months-old tot has been recorded on several occasions by her famous parents trying to talk, and, according to them and some fans, she has succeeded.


Ray J recently posted a video on Instagram of Melody saying “dada” while giggling and lying on her back in a bed. And a few months ago, Princess Love had shared a now-deleted video of her genius baby allegedly saying “I love you.”

Most fans have praised the girl for being so smart, but others believe her parents just hear what they want to hear.


“She is going to be talking at 1,” said one fan. And another added, “This beautiful been talking since forever she’s going to be one of the smartest kid in history.” On the other hand, someone else said, “She’s not really saying it, she’s just babbling, but her time will come dunno worry.”