'He is a mess!' Donald Trump comments on former aide Cliff Sims’ new book about the White House

It is said that Donald Trump is "very angry" for the book of his former White House aide, Cliff Sims, "Vipers Team: My 500 Extraordinary Days in Trump's White House," which was published on Tuesday, January 29.

Although his advisors told him to ignore the book, Trump could not resist attacking Sims this morning, which has led to a chain of events that have made things worse for Trump.

Trump became infuriated with Sims and subtly threatened him with legal actions on his book: "A low-level staffer that I never knew named Cliff Sims wrote yet another boring book based on made up stories and fiction. I have pretended to be an insider when in fact I was nothing more than a gofer. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement. He is a mess!"

Trump may have been watching Sims give a live interview on CNN while writing his attack on Twitter. Sims responded to Trump's attack live and laughed: "There it is. Look, I knew it was a possibility when I wrote this book. Do not matter to me what Donald Trump or anyone else says that I am."

Sims obviously expected Trump to attack him on Twitter because all he does is call attention to the book, which is exactly what is happening now after the main Democratic figures are now supporting the book.

For example, the Congress Member, Ted Lieu, wrote on Twitter addressing the president and saying: "Thank you @realDonaldTrump. I had never heard of Cliff Sims. But based on your official statement below, I'm going to go buy your book. # TuesdayMotivation"

Michael Glassner, the Operations Director of the Trump campaign, said the campaign will try to sue Sims for violating a confidentiality agreement. This shows that the book is objective and only makes everything worse for Trump.

Cliff Sims was just an unknown blogger from Alabama before Trump hired him to manage his communications with citizens.

Sims went from being a true believer in Trump to being a total disbeliever, after spending a year launching attacks and being attacked from within the White House.

By the way, Sims was not a low-level staff member. All these attacks and slanders against him only make us want to read his book even more, or maybe we could read another one of the books that have been published and tell about the president's inner circle like "Fear: Triumph in the White House" written by Bob Woodward.

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