Kevin Hart heavily dragged for sending prayers to Jussie Smollett after homophobic tweets scandal

After Jussie Smollett was attacked in Chicago earlier this week, dozens of celebrities took to social media condemn the hate crime against him and wished him speedy healing and justice. However, people seemed to have taken Kevin Hart's message differently given that he used to have his own share of homophobic tweets in the past. 

Kevin Hart called out the hate crime against Smollett, who was viciously attacked during a late night trip to a Subway restaurant in Chicago. He addressed the attack as an "unbelievably sad" attack in an Instagram post. He added that it seems society is going backward, and that crimes such as these are disgusting. 

"We as people have to do better. WTF is going on the world???? Why are we falling in love with hate???? God damn it people....Choose love...I repeat...Choose love. I will forever choose love and I will continue to teach my kids how to do the same. Stand strong brother."

         Although it seems like such a genuine message, people began hating on Kevin as he was once accused of posting homophobic messages on his social media accounts and during his old stand-up comedy shows. His most recent homophobic remark came just before he was about to host this year's Oscars ceremony, which prompted him to drop his hosting gig. He joked about discouraging his son from being gay, which caused a significant amount of backlash from fans and celebrities alike. 

As for his statement on Jussie, who is an openly gay actor, people made sure not to let him forget about what he once said about his son. 

"But keep joking about beating up your kid for being gay, Kevin Hart!" — sam greisman (@SAMGREIS) 

"This is your reminder that Kevin Hart was given a publicity tour to declare that being an ally to LGBTQ folks is not his life's goal or dream and that he's done apologizing. This is your reminder that his jokes reflect actual attitudes that produce what happened to Jussie." — Dana (@DanaVivianWhite)

"You should have just sat there and ate your food, Kevin. Ain’t nobody trying to watch you use this for an op. — Dimitrius Jones (@iDimitriusJones)"

Seeing all the hate he was getting, Kevin Hart decided to respond to one of his critics, saying that he has changed for the better after learning about the implications of things he once said. 

Dozens of celebrities have flocked to their own social media accounts to shower Jussie Smollett with love and prayers, while at the same time condemning hate crimes of all kinds. 

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