Woman Gets Pregnant Twice in the Same Week after Trying for Seven Years

Stephen Thompson
Mar 25, 2022
03:26 P.M.

Beata Bienias witnessed a rare miracle nearly a decade after hoping for a child. She got pregnant with twins, only to discover that there was one more baby.


For seven years, 36-year-old Beata Bienias worried that she might never carry her own child. The laundry and linen service worker and her husband, Powell, 40, who lived in Corsham, England, had tried tirelessly to conceive.

Fortunately, in 2018, following an IVF procedure, a rare miracle occurred; Beata became pregnant with three babies. A set of twins was conceived naturally, which was surprising. However, the expectant mother had a third child from an implanted embryo.

Picture of Beata Bienias holding her newly born triplets | Source: twitter.com/DailyMirror

Picture of Beata Bienias holding her newly born triplets | Source: twitter.com/DailyMirror

Their story has been inspirational and unique, as medical experts confess that it is a one-of-a-kind experience.



While sharing her story, Beata admitted that she never felt getting pregnant would be as challenging as it was. Although she had some underlying health problems, she remained hopeful and consistently tried to have a baby naturally.

The 36-year-old suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome and struggled with her weight. Beata shed about seventy pounds on her doctor's instructions, determined to become a mother.

After the weight loss, the couple resorted to IVF after still struggling to fall pregnant. At the beginning of the process, they were thrilled at their future.


They were advised to abstain from intimacy for the entire period but did not heed their doctor's words. They broke the rule on Powell's birthday, thinking they could never get pregnant naturally.


The complex part of the procedure began soon, and shortly after the embryo was implanted, they received the "wonderful news" they had waited to hear. The couple was excited about the baby news, but there was more in store following their sonogram appointment.


The doctors discovered that Beata was carrying three babies, which was overwhelming for the first-time parents. According to Beata:

"We both were in shock, and we looked (at) the monitor with disbelief, just wondering who put (three babies) there. Straight away I called my mum, and then I started crying saying, 'There's three inside me.'"


It was great news that their attempt at IVF worked; one fertilized embryo implanted conceived a child. But the doctors discovered that two non-identical twins had been conceived naturally days after the procedure.


A few medical experts commented on the rare incident. When Dr. Christine Greves, from the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Orlando, heard the case, she said:

"One can conceive naturally when undergoing IVF treatment ... and the implanted embryo can take. It is possible…It happens very rarely."

Emma Cannon, a fertility expert who founded the Emma Cannon Clinic in London, tagged their story as a "miracle." Cannon revealed that throughout her years in the field, she has only heard about two instances where women conceive naturally during IVF treatment.


She explained that these cases occurred before the embryo transfer, which made the women abort the IVF treatment, therefore proceeding with the natural pregnancy. In the end, she added:

"But I also know that there is much we do not understand, and miracles do happen. I wish Beata all the very best with her three little miracles."


At 34 weeks of pregnancy, Beata delivered her triplets, a son, Borys, and two daughters, Matylda and Amelia. The new mom spent a few days in the hospital before returning home with her babies.


Adjusting to motherhood, especially with three babies, was not easy, but the new mom handled the responsibilities with a helpful hand from Powell. According to the mother of three:

"It can be difficult and hard, but it's more than 100 percent worth it. I'm tired after a night, but when I look into these little faces, it melts my heart."

Beata confessed that before she delivered the babies, she was uncertain about the dramatic change in her routine. Despite the lifestyle change, the 36-year-old revealed that she is excited and in awe of her little ones.

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