Wisconsin firefighter's beard freezes while fighting a fire in a wind chill of minus 50

In the midst of freezing temperatures, Wisconsin firefighters battled a fire in a wind chill of minus 50. One of the firefighters captured a pic, shown below, of a fellow firefighter whose beard had frozen during the fight. 

With dropping temperatures in Wisconsin and the cold expected to get much worse, firefighters showed their bravery as they stepped up to the plate to save lives. A recent fire saw the brave men and women face chilling winds of minus 50.

Cameron Fire Department Chief Mitch Hansen was caught on camera after battling a house fire on Wednesday. In the pic, his beard was completely frozen.

"The fire gutted the home but everybody got out safe. We saved what items we could for them," said Tony Paulson, one of the firefighters."There were minus 50 wind chills. You're pretty much freezing stiff on the outside but warm on the inside."

Assistant Chief Bimbo Gifford took the picture of Hansen. He is a volunteer with the department and has been working with them for decades, 

He revealed that this is the first time he had to battle a fire in freezing temperatures. He went on to say though the volunteers are well trained in the cold it's hard to move.

"It's tough. We're a small team of volunteers but we're careful and trained," he told CNN. "When it's that cold you just can't move."

Gifford went on to explain he took the picture as the team was winding down and packing up. He went on to say the moment simply had to be saved.

"The sun got out and I looked at Mitch and he was all lit up," said Gifford. "Every hair on his face was lit up, his clothes frosted. I said to myself 'I gotta take a pic.' "

Last month, another chilly firefighter braved the weather to make a rescue. The brave firefighter plunged into an icy pond to rescue a dog that had fallen in.

A crew from Firehouse 34, rescued the little puppy named Bri after he had run onto the lake and plunged through the thin ice into the water.

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