'I think that's stupid,' Akon gets frank about Black artists refusing to perform at the Super Bowl

Amid the controversy surrounding artists refusing to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, Akon seems to take a different stance about the whole ordeal. 

"You're in this business for two reasons: One is to make an impact and two is for the business of it."

Akon had one thing to say about black artists refusing to perform at the Super Bowl, and it's that he thinks it's "stupid" that they rejected such an offer. The weekend before the big game, Akon said in an interview with TMZ reporters that boycotting the NFL Super Bowl halftime show to support ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick could "potentially hurt black artists."

While most artists think that boycotting the NFL helps black talents like Colin Kaepernick get their message across, the producer and singer thinks it's actually a bad idea, because you are an artist not to focus on social issues, but to create an impact and to make money. When asked what he thought about the boycott, he said: 

"You're in this business for two reasons: One is to make an impact and two is for the business of it. Honestly, why wouldn't a black artist want to not perform in one of the biggest events in the world? That don't help us, we need you to be on that stage."

However, a lot of people disagree with Akon's point of view, artists and fans alike. From the point of view of Cardi B, one of the performers invited to perform at the Super Bowl, she said that turning it down meant standing behind Kaepernick because he "stood up" for the minorities. 

While the likes of Cardi B and Rihanna have turned down the offer, there are three black artists who chose to share the stage with Maroon 5. 

To sing the National Anthem, NFL invited Gladys Knight. Having to defend her choice after critics began to slam her for not boycotting the league, she said that singing the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl LIII should be separated from fighting for justice, especially since she is honoring the country by singing in the Super Bowl, not the league. 

"The distinctive senses of the National Anthem and fighting for justice should each stand alone."

Performing alongside Gladys Knight and Maroon 5 are Travis Scott and Big Boi. 

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