Woman is selling her luxurious home for $25 and anyone can get it

Rebelander Basilan
Feb 08, 2019
10:45 P.M.
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Alla Wagner, who is in her 50s, is selling her $1.7 million home in Millarville, Alberta, Canada, for $25.


The low price tag was made possible through the homeowner's creative contest. Entry to the contest is very simple. All Wagner wants you to do is send a letter of 350 words alongside an entry fee of $25 to her.


“To be able to choose the next owners of this house is a wonderful privilege for me."

In the contest’s description, Wagner wrote: “You may choose the format — letter, essay, or simply a few paragraphs. The story should be about you and why you should win this contest.”


You can send your entry at either her mailing address of PO BOX 74 MILLARVILLE AB, CANADA T0L 1K0 or online to her email at sioni@telus.net.

Wagner is aiming to achieve a minimum amount of $1.7 million. At $25 per entry, that implies that at least 68,000 individuals need to participate for the contest to push ahead.


The contest will keep running until April 5. In any case, it could be extended if the number of entries is close to achieving 68,000.

It is additionally noted in the terms and conditions that the contest will be canceled if the house is sold, the owners pass away, there are insufficient entries or any other unexpected event.


As indicated by the official contest rules, everybody who paid will be refunded if there aren't sufficient entries.

Candidates must be more than 18-years of age, and just one entry is permitted per individual or household. Wagner’s immediate or distant family is not authorized to join the contest.


Captivating stories will be advanced to the semi-final stage. A board of judges will review the letters of the selected 500 finalists. They will then pick and declare the new champ.

All contestants should give their legal name and contact information if they are the victor, or for their entrance fee to be returned to them if the contest is canceled.


In an email, Wagner told TODAY Home: “To be able to choose the next owners of this house is a wonderful privilege for me."

“I get to hand my keys over to someone that I can picture being here, caring for my house and making it their home," she added.

Wagner, who runs a general contracting business, moved into the home in 2011.