Mom who recorded herself pouring water on her sleeping 9-month-old as revenge is released on bail

The woman was arrested but was later released after paying a fine of $ 1,500.

A terrible video that shows the cruelty of a woman waking up her baby of only nine months, sparked the rejection and outrage of thousands of Internet users after the same woman recorded the despicable act and share it on her social media.

The US authorities arrested the woman for pouring water on her baby in revenge because she did not let her sleep. The police in Sumter County, South Carolina, arrested the woman for cruelty to the children.

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy, 33, posted on her Facebook account "in revenge for waking up at all hours of the night," showing the images of how she bothers her nine-month-old girl who tries to keep sleeping.

In her first attempt to wake her up, it can be seen how she poured a bit of water at the level of her cheek, so the baby gets up scared, coughs a little and turns to continue sleeping.

However, the woman picks it up again, this time she pours even more water - which scares the baby and makes her start crying.

"The charge against this defendant will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," sheriff Anthony Dennis said in a statement.

However, the woman was released after paying bail of $ 1,500, but will continue the process against her. Meanwhile, the nine-month-old baby was transferred to a Social Services unit for care.

After the controversy and the arrest, the woman's Facebook profile is no longer available.

Another disturbing footage which seemed to demonstrate a French-speaking Catholic priest slapping a crying child after he lost his temper while administering at its baptism has gone viral.

The adults, who appear to be the parents, surrounding the infant are noticeably shocked by this, and attempt to take the child back from the priest’s arms.

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