Joke: 80-Year-Old Lady Was Interviewed by the Local News Station

A reporter was left speechless by this octogenarian pragmatism as he asked her about her four marriages to men from very different walks of life.

Old people’s wisdom is something that we can only understand if we are fortunate enough to reach old age ourselves, but many times we get a glimpse of it with the elderly’s sharing their views about the journey of life.

Starts at 60 has a good collection of jokes related to senior citizens, not to make fun of them but to baffle everyone with their funny stories that always carry some truth in it. This is one of them.

An elderly woman sitting on a bench | Source: Pixabay/Brenkee

An elderly woman sitting on a bench | Source: Pixabay/Brenkee

An 80-year-old lady was interviewed by the local news station because she had just recently been married. The reporter asked her how married life was treating her.

“Oh, this isn’t my first husband, so it’s not much different than the others,” she replied with a smile.

“How many husbands have you had?” the reporter asked.

“This one will be my fourth,” she replied. “I was married in my 20s to a banker, then in my 40’s to a circus performer. And in my 60’s, I married a preacher.”

“What does your current husband do?” the curious reporter asked.

“He’s a funeral director,” the elderly woman answered.

The reporter laughed and then asked how she came to marry these men from such different backgrounds and personalities.

“It always made sense to me,” she replied. “I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go.”

After reaching a certain age, most people have an idea of how they will best spend their final years, and each of us hopes to have the peace and quiet we think we deserve after having worked so hard.

While this woman wanted to make sure that she was going to have the best funeral, this other elderly man was more focused on leading a calm life in a new home to enjoy his retirement.

But he found an obstacle to this in the form of a group of amateur school musicians and he had to use the only thing he had –his brain- to get rid of their horrible noises.

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