Woman rushed to hospital with sepsis wakes from coma to find she’s given birth to a baby girl

A 27-year-old woman woke up from sepsis treatment to find she had just given birth to a baby girl. 

Teaching assistant Lisa Davey was oblivious to the fact that she was 26 weeks pregnant when her body turned on her and she felt sick. 

She reportedly went to the Accident and Emergency department of Blackpool Victoria Hospital in April 2018. Medics first suspected an abdominal infection when they observed a tiny bump of the stomach. 

However, an ultrasound showed that Davey was pregnant and that she had a rare liver disorder that leads to blood clots called HELLP syndrome. Before long, she contracted sepsis. 

Davey's organs began shutting down. Doctors decided they would do an emergency cesarean section in the hopes of saving both mother and child. 

Newborn baby sleeping | Photo: Shutterstock

Newborn baby sleeping | Photo: Shutterstock

At 14 weeks premature, the baby girl survived. She was put in the Neonatal Unit at Royal Preston Hospital while the mother went to the intensive care unit at Blackpool.

Davey only learned that she was a new mother when she awoke. She named her daughter Danielle after one of the nurses who showed special care throughout the ordeal. 

Davey, who was working 80-hour weeks prior to the incident, said she was shocked by everything: 

"I couldn't believe it. I had been working 80 hours a week and lifting heavy boxes. I had no clue I was pregnant. I had no symptoms. When I met my baby girl a week later, I knew I had to call her Danielle after the fantastic care I received from such a wonderful nurse.”

Positive pregnancy test | Photo: Shutterstock

Positive pregnancy test | Photo: Shutterstock

Though nurse Danielle McLardie said she was just doing her job, she greatly appreciated the gesture. 

She explained what happened: 

"I stayed with Lisa for 3.5 hours and visited her each time I was on shift. When Lisa told me the baby’s name, I cried I was so overwhelmed – I was just doing my job. But having such a cute bundle of joy named after me is such a huge honor, it’s the highlight of my career.”

It had been McLardie's first shift and her first patient at the time. Ten months later, Davey and little Danielle Alice Davey are both healthy and happy living in Blackpool, Lancs. 

A similar occurrence happened to an 18-year-old teen who had reached 37 weeks before learning she was pregnant. Saffron Heffer actually lost weight, going from a size 10 to 8, over nine months in 2018.

Heffer, who got pregnant at 17, was working out consistently for those months. It was her mother who observed a pigmentation line and encouraged her to do a pregnancy test. 

Though Heffer was extremely tired at certain times, and her stomach even contorted into a triangular shape when doing sit-ups, she and her mother dismissed everything. 

Baby's legs | Photo: Freepik

Baby's legs | Photo: Freepik

Knowing she had been on the pill, she said: 

“It just didn’t click. Even my mum said she didn’t think for a moment that I could be pregnant.

When the midwife twisted the baby, Saffron's stomach "popped" to show the bulge of her unborn child. Heffer welcomed baby Oscar just two weeks later. At first depressed, she is now a happy mum to a healthy little one.

And back in August 2018, another 18-year-old who also claimed she didn't know she was pregnant committed a horrible atrocity to her child. While on a flight from Jamaica, she tried to have an abortion.

Commercial airplane | Photo: Freepik

Commercial airplane | Photo: Freepik

She went into the restroom of an American Airlines plane and removed the baby, placed it in the toilet and covered it with paper. Later on, she reportedly appeared emotionless as she described how she had been feeling sick. 

The baby did not survive at three months premature and no charges were filed immediately. The Kings County Hospital who checked up the young woman confirmed that the baby's death was possibly due to the "botched abortion." 

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