Ray J's wife Princess Love shares adorable video of their curly-haired baby standing in her cot

Princess Love, the wife of R&B singer Ray J, took to Instagram to share a video of the couple’s daughter, Melody, standing up and playing in her cot.

In the clip, the young lady appeared kneeling in her see-through cot while wearing a pink, white, and blue onesie. As the video continued, Melody slowly stood up helping herself with the walls of her bed.

Once she was on her feet, she started jumping and laughing while her proud mother recorded every moment of it. One of the best aspects of it was how long and beautiful her curly hair looked.


For the caption, Princess Love wrote, “she just starting crawling 3 days ago, now this,” followed by the hashtag “8 months.” As soon as she uploaded that video, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

"She's so adorable! She's like forget the crawling, let's see what these legs are about lol," wrote one user.

“Just too freaking cute love her cheeks and her little chunky self she looks like both of yall god bless,” [sic] shared a second follower.

“This is the happiest baby I have seen. Does she ever cry? She’s just a joy,” pointed out another person.


It is not the first time that Melody has melted the hearts of her parents’ followers. Earlier this year, Ray J uploaded a cute clip to his Instagram account showing his daughter unimpressed while he was beatboxing.

The man was playing a little toy keyboard while doing so, but his daughter, who was sitting on Ray J’s lap, looked at him completely uninterested. At some point during the clip, Melody even gave Ray J a little side eye.


Recently, the singer shared a clip showing him, his daughter, and his sister Brandy dancing together. During the video, Ray J said that it was Brandy’s birthday, and wished her a happy day in the caption.

Even though Brandy’s relationship with Ray J and Princess Love seems to be good nowadays, it was not always like that. Soon after the man announced his wife’s pregnancy, Brandy and her mother Sonja confronted Princess Love about her attitude.

Due to their feud, both Brandy and Sonja missed the ice-cream-themed baby shower the couple threw for their baby in March last year. Thankfully, the ladies’ relationship improved a couple of months after Melody’s birth (May 22, 2018).

It was Sonja who extended a virtual olive branch by sending a birthday wish to Princess Love in August.

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