Washington post: President Trump installed a $50,000 golf simulator system in the White House

According to the Washington Post, President Donald Trump has shown his love for golf by installing a golf simulator system in the White House. This one replaces another “less sophisticated” machine.

The publication also claims that the president paid for this $50,000 installation from his own pocket.

The golf simulator machine that was installed in the White House is said to be room-sized. The installation affords President Donald Trump the pleasure of being able to play virtual rounds at courses all around the world.

According to two people who have knowledge about the new machine, all Trump has to do is hit a ball into a large video screen. The golf simulator game is a replacement for an older “less sophisticated” simulator that was installed when Barack Obama was still president.

Trump’s new game was installed during the last few weeks in a room in his personal quarters, according to a White House official who chose to be anonymous. The insider also revealed that the president paid for the new system and the installation with his own money.

Trump has played golf on an outdoor course about 139 times as president. Most of the times he’s played was at his own golf clubs.

White House aides have claimed that the president has built schedules around long periods of “executive time.” These are unstructured periods in the day where he has no official meetings.

During this time he often watches TV, tweets, holds unplanned meetings, or he makes phone calls. Despite having this time, the White House official revealed that Trump hadn’t used his new golf simulator at all since it was put in.

According to Axios, three months of Trump’s schedules found that his “executive time” made up 60 percent of his scheduled hours. The president responded via a tweet saying, “When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing.”

Last year, it was revealed that a New Jersey attorney general’s office was investigating claims of “harassment and immigration fraud” at Trump’s Bedminster golf course. The people behind the claims are undocumented current and former employees of the estate.

The lawyer Anibal Romero shared that the employees had “reached out to him” regarding claims that five of them were “threatened and called racial slurs” while working at Bedminster.

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