Gucci Mane causes a stir, gifting his wife a 60-carat diamond wedding ring on Valentine’s Day

The internet sure has a lot to say about Gucci Mane’s latest extravagant gift for his wife. Meanwhile, the rapper’s baby mama recently claimed she’s living on welfare with their child.

Mane, 39, just pushed the Valentine’s Day gift bar up several notches with the massive 60-carat diamond ring he presented his wife, fitness/beauty mogul Keyshia Ka’oir.

Yesterday on Instagram, the “Wake Up In The Sky” rapper posted a clip of the huge rock as it glinted on his wife’s slender finger and wrote:

“To my beautiful wife @KeyshiaKaoir Davis. For all the Valentines I missed I wanted to upgrade your wedding ring to this 60ct flawless oval ROCK.”

Mane, whose birth name is Radric Davis, and Ka’oir have been together since 2010 and even remained a couple when the rapper went to prison from 2014 to 2016.

Evans is now seeking an increase in Mane’s $2,026 monthly child support payment.

They tied the knot in a lavish 2017 wedding that cost over a million dollars and have since become known for their lifestyle of luxury Two days before getting her 60-carat stunner, Ka’oir, 34, gifted her husband a 35-carat pinky ring in celebration of his birthday.

As for Mane’s over-the-top gift to his woman, social media users had a lot to say in the comments section. The video continues to generate reactions and has been viewed over one million times in less than a day.

Some Instagram followers couldn’t help gushing over the couple’s relationship. “I love ya! Happy Valentine’s Day!” commented one user.

Others pointed out that the ring, which covered nearly half of Ka’oir’s finger was impractical. One user asked:

“That's too damn big. If it’s hurting her finger, which that’s what it looks like, how she gone wear it everyday.”

“So like, does that ring not make her hand 10 times heavier? I wanna know,” chimed in another.

There were also netizens who berated the rapper and his wife for their flamboyant lifestyle when they could be doing more for charity.

“This is sooo overrated...I don't recall seeing your names on a hospital wing or building. What are you doing in your community? Brag about that.”

The exact worth of Mane’s 60-carat gift is unknown, but according to Page Six, the 35-carat pinky ring Ka’oir gave him costs over $1 million, so there’s that for reference.

Meanwhile, only last month, the rapper’s baby mama, Sheena Evans, claimed in court that she and their 11-year-old son Keitheon are living on welfare in section 8 housing.

Evans is now seeking an increase in Mane’s $2,026 monthly child support payment to $20,000 because he lives an extravagant lifestyle and can afford it.

In response, Mane asked that Evans’ case be dismissed, denying her claims and insisting that he still earns what he used to in 2011.

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