Sam Elliott shares how weird it was hearing Bradley Cooper mimicking him in 'A Star Is Born'

Cheryl Kahla
Feb 19, 2019
05:12 A.M.
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Sam Elliott has received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, but he still remembers his first meeting with Bradley Cooper and listening to him mimicking his voice on tape.


A "Star is Born" grossed over $400,000 to date and received 6 Golden Globe and eight Oscar nominations, including the coveted best picture nomination. 

Bradley and Elliott met for the first time at Cooper's home, and after sharing a meal, they sat and discussed their backgrounds and Cooper's ideas for the movie and Elliott's character.


During the discussion, Cooper played two recordings on his phone for Elliott, the first was one of Bradley and Lady Gaga singing. 

In the second recording, Cooper was working with his voice coach copying the way Elliott speaks. He recollects

"I remember him saying, ‘This is going to sound a little weird,’ and it [expletive] did sound weird. Because it sounded like me! And he’s been listening to my voice in interviews that I’d done. So, not only was he sounding like me, he was saying sh— that had come out of my mouth." 


Despite Elliott's long Hollywood career, this is the veteran actor's first Oscar nomination and he has confirmed that he and his wife Katharine Ross will relish every moment of the occasion:

"So, it's gonna be interesting to see what unfolds. I've gone to the Oscars one time. I went with my wife and my daughter eons ago. I don't even remember what year it was. But, Katharine [Ross] and I are really looking forward to going and being a part of it."


Elliott clearly enjoyed working with Cooper but couldn't help but hide his frustration that he missed out on what would have been a well-deserved nomination for Best Director:

"I was very surprised and sorry to see that Bradley wasn't nominated as a director. He clearly deserved to be nominated. I've never worked with anyone who worked as hard as Bradley in every way. He's an incredible human being and a brilliant filmmaker."

Fans of Elliott can look forward to his upcoming project, "The Gettysburg Address." He lent his voices to the character Ward Hill Lamon. 

The film is currently in post-production, and a release date has not been confirmed as yet. He can also be seen in more than 60 episodes of "The Ranch."