Video of Barbra Streisand teaching Melissa McCarthy to sing is proof that anything is possible

Cheryl Kahla
Feb 18, 2019
08:40 A.M.
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Melissa McCarthy, a comedian with no fairly no experience in the musical industry, was coached by Barbra Streisand for their duet. 


McCarthy, a BAFTA and Golden Globe award winner, is a brilliant actor and accomplishment comedian but she's never been in a recording studio.

And many fans didn't know that she has a beautiful singing voice, which was discovered by Broadway legend and actor, Barba Streisand. 


The duo performed their own rendition of the classic song "Anything You Can Do," from the cult classic film, "Annie Get Your Gun," back in 2016. 

They pretended to both be cast in the same movie and have a bit of a disagreement over the lead role before breaking out in song. Streisand explains

"Most of the songs on this record are ballads, love thees, dysfunctional family stories, and I wanted to sing another song with a woman. So to lighten up the mood, we had the greatest woman comedy star, Melissa McCarthy. She's never been in a recording studio before. This was all new to her."


McCarthy said she's not delusion enough to make her own album or music career, but added that she's very willing to "hang out with Barbra." She added

"I absolutely loved having her direct me and produce me, and she's such an incredible performer and director and actress. She can do that so kind of effortlessly and it feels fun, and yet you know that what she's saying – you're in good hands."


Streisand does have a knack for it, and fans will recall when she and Josh Groban made headlines back in 2014 with their duet, "Somewhere."

The duet was inspired from the original score of the fifties Broadway musical, "West Side Story," and the song was also included in Streisand's film four years later. 


Streisand said at the time that Groban was a "step-in singer" but she "always thought he was wonderful." Groban, who was still fairly unknown at the time, added

"The fact that she took a completely unknown singer and allowed me to have that chance with her was such a great learning experience and wonderful opportunity."

Streisand began her career as a Broadway singer back in the early sixties and received a Tony Award for her performance in "I Can Get It For You Wholesale."

She is currently working on a new project, and not much has been shared about it, other than Streisand taking the helm as producer.