Little girl writes goodbye message to parents on her arm during school lockdown

A seven-year-old girl wrote a farewell note to parents on her arm on the off chance that she passed on amid a bomb threat at her school on February 7.

Shelley Harrison Reed, from Hockessin, Delaware, took to Facebook to share how her daughter Vanessa wrote "Love Mom and Dad" on her arm during a school lockdown.

"That was a moment where I realized I had no control over her safety outside of my home."

In the heartbreaking Facebook post, the mother said that there had been a bomb threat at her children's school, Odyssey Charter School of Wilmington.

While her son Sean, 10, appeared to be okay later that day, she saw that Vanessa had written something in purple on her arm. The note said: "Love Mom and Dad."

"I say to her, why did you write that on your arm?" Reed said in the post, which rapidly became famous online. 

Vanessa revealed to her that she'd written it just in case "the bad guy got to us and I got killed, you and Daddy would know that I love you."

The little girl at that point began to cry, and her mother cried with her.

Reed said that realizing her little girl was set in a place to imagine that thought was terrible and that it's killing her inside.

In an interview with TODAY, Reed's better half Jeff said that he initially thought Vanessa had been playing around with markers with her companions.

He added that when he humorously asked his daughter what she had done to her arm, she cried and gave him a big embrace.

"I teared up, because I'm 'Daddy," Jeff told the news outlet. "I am the one who keeps her safe. She's Daddy's girl. That was a moment where I realized I had no control over her safety outside of my home."

In spite of her dismay regarding her kids' experience, Reed told TODAY that this is a reality for parents today.

"I'm not one who can homeschool, and I don't want to shelter my kid from the world, so to speak," she said

Reed added that she's "a believer in public schools" and that she believes "this is a new day and age that we're experiencing, and all we can do is pray."

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