Melania's Famous Slogan 'Be Best' Is Called 'Illiterate' as Flotus Gets Advised Not to Use It

The "Be Best" slogan for U.S. First Lady Melania Trump’s anti-bullying campaign was heavily criticized, with her former adviser calling the catchphrase “illiterate”.

The FLOTUS, according to sources familiar with the conversation, initially thought about “Children First,” as reported by Vanity Fair.

Melania’s slogan does not seem to reflect sincerity since her husband is notorious for launching personal attacks on Twitter...

But the 48-year-old First Lady feared that it was too similar to her husband’s “America First” branding.

Melania’s former senior strategist and adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, known to have a straightforward personality, reportedly advised her not to use the “Be Best” slogan.


Wolkoff reportedly told Melania and her staff in the East Wing of the White House that her another proposed slogan “Be Best” was poor and that it sounded illiterate.

This alleged exchange was disclosed following the controversy over U.S. President Donald Trump’s $107 million worth of inauguration and alleged missing cash.

Melania’s slogan does not seem to reflect sincerity since her husband is notorious for launching personal attacks on Twitter against his political critics and opponents and she did not do anything about it, writes Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair.

Others compared her motto to Michelle Obama’s “Be Better” advice during an interview with Oprah Winfrey at the White House Summit on the United States of Women 2016.

Time Magazine noted that Melania’s slogan was derived from a 2014 Federal Trade Commission pamphlet under former president Barack Obama.


This was not the only time Melania ignored the advice of her group of campaign strategists. She was spotted wearing a controversial jacket while visiting child immigrants last year.

Melania traveled to the Mexico border for a surprise visit to children who were forcefully separated from their families. 

She wore a Zara jacket for the occasion, with the slogan “I really don't care, do u” emblazoned on the back. It was deemed “a bizarre and insensitive choice.”

She visited two facilities close to the border - the Ursula Border Patrol Processing Center and the Upbring New Hope Children's Shelter. 

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