Daily Mail: Malia Obama's secret Facebook account found with naughty comments about Donald Trump

According to a recent report made by the Daily Mail, Malia Obama has a secret Facebook account where she described Donald Trump as “evil.”

Malia’s alleged Facebook account got posted to during her final year of high school, and most of the following year until she started attending Harvard University.

The account features several pictures of Malia as a typical teenager with friends and a lot of correspondence with the 20-year-old Finnegan Biden, the former Vice President Joe Biden’s granddaughter.

Finnegan and Malia attended school together and stayed close friends. The part of the alleged secret account that caught everyone’s attention is the Facebook page’s cover photo. 

It features four bright pink post-it notes stuck to the edge of a counter, which appears to be in a kitchen judging by the contents on the countertop.

Each post-it follows up on the previous one, as the first one read, “Donald Trump is President.” The second note followed up with, “This is not normal” while the next one stated, “Donald Trump is evil.” The last note read like a personal warning, “Don’t be complacent.”

One follower decided to copy the image onto her own Facebook page and posted the update on social media:

There has been no activity on the Facebook account under a pseudonym since 2017, and apart from the cover photo, all it shows are pictures of a teenager having fun with her friends. Some that came across the Daily Mail's report didn't see what the fuss was about as one Twitter user commented:

It is unclear whose home the picture got taken, as Malia lived in New York City in the months before her freshman year at Harvard University that started in August 2017. During her time in New York Malia interned at The Weinstein Company, in times before sexual allegations against Weinstein went public.

Photo albums on the Facebook page allegedly show a goofball Malia Obama fully dressed sideways in the bath draped in a shower curtain.

Other pictures were taken with a smiling group of friends at parties while others were beautiful selfies. One of the featured photos also showed her having fun with friends during a trip to Chile and Bolivia.

This weekend Malia also got pictured having fun with friends at an exclusive resort in Miami. Not due back to Harvard University until next fall, Malia decided to join three friends for a weekend of sun and rosé.

Technically still underage, Malia turns 21 on July 4, so when she got pictured enjoying an $80 bottle of Whispering Angel rosé, she made headlines as well. The eldest of the Obama daughters, she usually spends Presidents Day weekend in chilly Massachusetts but opted for a sunny beach weekend instead.

On the lazy Sunday of February 17, pictures showed Malia in a black one-piece swimsuit, a towel wrapped around her waist, relaxing on a lounger as she sipped wine with her friends.

The quad squad clearly had no university budget issues, as the luxurious resort goes for $1,000 per night. The Kardashians and other stars like Britney Spears are known to frequent the resort.

But Sunday’s underage drinking was not the only part of Malia’s weekend in Miami that drew attention. Saturday Malia was also in the spotlight, but for a whole different reason.

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