White man hurls racist insults but Black driver remains remarkably calm during road rage incident

Claudine Varela
Feb 20, 2019
07:10 A.M.
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A Black man has a perfectly good reason why he decided to remain calm when a White man went off at him on the road.


A Black man who encountered a White man having a fit against him can teach people a thing or two about how to respond to a verbal attack. While the White man hurled expletives at him and even called him the N-word, he decided to remain calm and take a video of the incident. The man has a perfectly sound reason why he did this.



Crispin Cole is an MBA degree holder from Maryland who discovered himself at the receiving end of a White man’s road rant while stopped on a red light. He was driving home from a job interview on February 13 when the man in the car behind him began to impatiently honk his car after Cole stopped a few car lengths from a red light.

Instead of responding to the man’s rage or moving his car which he didn’t intend to because the light was red, Cole decided to take out his phone and record the man instead. The clip showed the man flicking his finger and yelling obscenities at him.


When the light turned green, he decided to follow the driver and get a video of his license plates. Cole explained later that it was important to be able to identify the man later.

Still irate at him, the man pulled over, got off his car and approached Cole while yelling,

“You got a f—ing problem n—er? I’ll f—ing kill you, b—-! F— you!”



During an interview with WUSA9 later, Cole explained why he decided to stay calm throughout the incident and not fight back.

“I mean I didn’t get upset. I just wanted to document it, because I’m like this happens too many times. I want to document this one.”

He further rationalizes his behavior by adding,

“You’re not supposed to react, because as a black man, I can’t do tit for tat. I can’t match his anger with my anger, because something could happen to me,. So, when somebody says that to me, it’s not about me. It’s about them. Probably having a bad day.”



Cole eventually found a way to get back at the man. He brought his recording to the police. The video was uploaded on Twitter though it wasn’t clear who shared it online. Cole earned the support of Twitter users who helped identify the White man and urged the police to do something. Police responded by saying they were aware of the incident and currently investigating.


Meanwhile, Cole believes that the man’s rage wasn’t toward him directly but caused by something else. He told Fox 5,

“I’m sure if you meet him and speak to him, he would say he doesn’t see color – that probably he has a cousin who is married to a Black man.”



Cole may have a point for keeping his cool thinking these things aren’t new. In fact, road rages and racist rants are often the subjects of viral stories, it’s difficult to keep track. Some of these incidents result in grave danger, something Cole was wise enough to avoid.

For instance, a family of five in Colorado lost their 13-year-old boy after a man shot at them due to an altercation at a parking lot. The man was later arrested and discovered to be suffering from mental health problems.


In India, a man who confronted a driver in a fit of road rage gets sideswiped by the car of the driver he was fuming at. Luckily for the man, he survived with just a bruised ego but things could have turned out worse.

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