'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler and wife Zinzi Evans are expecting their 1st child

"Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler and his wife Zinzi Evans are expecting their first child, and their fans and followers are excited for the newest "Wakandan" to arrive. 

Amid the numerous award shows that Ryan Coogler has been attending due to the success of "Black Panther," he decided to bring his wife Zinzi along to this year's Writers Guild Awards.

Through the hairstylist who styled them for the awards night,  their fans discovered that she is actually heavily pregnant with their first child. 

Not a lot is known about Evans, who usually just watches her husband's career blossom from the sidelines. However, Coogler has never failed to let her know just how important she is to him, constantly thanking her for the impact she's made on his career. 

During an interview that he had with Hot 97 to promote his latest project, he shared that Evans, who was his girlfriend during the time he began his career as a director, bought him the software that made him begin writing screenplays. 

“My wife, she was my girl at the time, [and] they had a software where you could write screenplays. I was trying to write in Microsoft Word. It’s impossible because your format gotta be right. I was broke, playing football on the little scholarship money. And my wife scrapped together some cheese and bought me Final Draft, which is the software that you write your movies on. And she got me that.”

Ryan also used to speak about his desire to have children in interviews, saying that while his project "Fruitvale (Station)" made him sure of his desire to want kids, it was "Black Panther" that made him realize his gender preference. 

“I found I want daughters real, real bad. Like plural. I thought, making Fruitvale (Station), I want kids. But like, on this one, I have to have some daughters.” 

Ryan and Zinzi first started dating when they were in college, and eventually married one another in 2016. Now that they are expecting their first child together, his dream of becoming a dad to many daughters is getting much closer to reality. 

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