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Daily Joke: An Officer Pulled over a Man for Speeding

Sep 02, 2021
05:51 A.M.
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This story is about a driver from a small town who a police officer stopped for speeding. Unfortunately, it was the officer who was in a bit of bad luck.


Once, a car was speeding by a small town, and the driver had no idea that he was going way beyond the speed limit regulation of that town. Consequently, he realized a police car was behind him, asking him to pull over.

As he had no plans to disobey the law, the driver obliged dutifully and waited for the officer to approach him. The police walked to his car and asked him to roll down the window.

A police car with sirens on. | Source: Pexels


“Sir, do you realize you were going way over the speed limit?” he asked the driver.

“Officer, I apologize for the mistake. But I can explain why I was speeding,” the driver tried to make an excuse.

A police officer on a patrol. | Source: PixaBay


However, the officer was hearing none of it: “Sir, please remain silent. You have broken the law, and I have to take you into custody.”

The driver protested one more time, requesting that the officer hear his reason for speeding: “Please, officer. I just wanted to say that….”

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“I am sorry, sir,” the police officer interrupted yet again. “I have to keep you in jail until the chief gets back. I cannot help you.”

“Just listen to me,” the driver tried yet again to make the officer listen to his plea. But the officer was now getting frustrated at the man. “I said to keep quiet. You are going to jail!” he screamed.

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Finally, he took the driver to the police station and locked him up in custody. Then, after a while, the officer told the driver: “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day. The chief is at his daughter’s wedding. He should be back in a while in a fairly good mood, I assume.”

Police putting handcuffs on a man. | Source: PixaBay


The driver sadly replied from behind bars, “Don’t hold your breath on it, officer. I’m the groom his daughter was supposed to marry.”

That was a quick turn of events for the police officer, and he definitely had to explain himself to the police chief! In another story, a man driving on the highway was asked to stop by a police officer on a bike.

"Pull over!" the officer said, pointing to the side of the road. He obliged and then asked the officer: "I'm sorry, was I speeding?"

The police officer shook his head, saying: "No, mate, but your wife fell out of the car a mile back." The man looked back and replied, "oh, well, that explains it! I thought I was going deaf!"