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Man Takes DNA Test in Search of His Father, Finds a Daughter He Never Knew Existed

Lois Oladejo
Mar 15, 2022
02:16 P.M.
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A California resident, Ted Wood, who worked as a lawyer, wanted to find his biological father after learning that he was adopted but found out about a daughter he never believed existed. 


Ted Wood was already a father to three kids and lived in Sacramento, CA, with his adorable wife when he got the shock of his life. He was contacted by a daughter he never knew existed.

At first, he was confused about the possibility and perplexed about breaking the news to his seemingly perfect family. How would his wife, Susan, and the kids react to news of him having a child who already had her own kids?

Melissa Daniels and her donor father Ted Wood sitting on a couch. | Source: News



Wood grew up with adopted parents, and when he matured, he tried to trace his birth parents. Luckily, in the 90s, he met his birth mother, who confessed to giving up her child for adoption because of her condition.

Wood's mother had been in high school when she got pregnant, and his dad had vanished from the picture. However, he persisted in finding his biological father, and years after his reunion with his birth mom, he would discover that the man had died by suicide.

Melissa Daniels in an interview. | Source: News


But before then, in 2013, he signed up on Ancestry, a platform that provides DNA matches to adopted kids. Simultaneously, people conceived via a sperm donor on the platform could also connect with their donor parent.

As the years progressed, Wood connected with his distant relatives, but in April 2018, a life-changing connection surfaced.

He was alerted of a new connection in the database. However, the father of three speculated that it was the usual distant-cousin match until he received a message from 27-year-old Melissa Daniels. 

Melissa Daniels and her donor sisters meeting for the first time and waiting for their donor father. | Source: News



Daniels lived in Arlington with her family, including two kids. She had discovered that she was born through a sperm donor during her teenage years. Her dad had died when she was 7, and her mother told her when she was 14.

Although she did not doubt the love she received from her parents, she was anxious to know the donor's identity. So she joined Ancestry and, a few weeks later, was alerted about a possible match.

Melissa Daniels chatting with her donor father Ted Wood. | Source: News


Without hesitating, the 27-year-old drafted a message to Wood, explaining that she was grateful for his donation to her family, adding that she did not intend to be a bother.

The California resident did not immediately respond or recollect donating his sperm. Instead, he was in disbelief and worried about breaking the news to his wife.

However, Wood donated his sperm after being promised anonymity. He was in college and needed the quick bucks, not knowing that in the future, a DNA platform would connect him to his daughter, Daniels.

Ted Wood going through photos of when he was in college. | Source: News



Wood shared his past with his wife, who did not contact Daniels. The father of three responded to her message, and they began bonding online.

Their relationship progressed to a close connection where they discussed politics and opinions on other matters. Soon, they conceived the idea of meeting in person.

Melissa Daniels reuniting with her donor sisters, her donor father and his family. | Source: News


Despite the growing bond, a reunion was challenging, as they lived miles apart and had busy schedules.

However, following the death of Daniels's mother, Wood became open to meeting and talking about himself.

Melissa Daniels, her donor sisters, her donor father and his family sharing a meal together. | Source: News



Daniels scheduled a meeting with her donor dad at the lobby of Embassy Suites in Irvine. Before then, she met with two of her half-siblings found through 23AndMe. They were created from Wood's sperm donation and met with him for the first time.

The trio appeared anxious to meet the lawyer and his family, and they joked about greeting him with a handshake or a hug. 

Finally, Wood, his wife, and two kids emerged with faces gleaming with joy. His daughter, Olivia, hurriedly showed a painting she made for her half-siblings. 


The entire pack embraced one another, and they sat down to talk about the similarities between the father and the three daughters. In the end, they shared an adorable moment.

Susan was extremely warm to the ladies, and her husband was in awe of the similarities they shared with him. Although he never found the father he was looking for, Wood's discovery of Daniels and her half-siblings was more than overwhelming.